About us

We are a small group of enthusiasts that simply like history, science, and art. We felt the need to create a site that combines these in some way and share our enthusiasm with the world.

One day we realized there wasn’t a week in a year going by that didn’t have at least one important worldwide event reported. The media usually sent out the message about the event to create awareness on each of those days. Apparently, it worked. We took notice and dug into a few interesting events. We quickly realized there are many events and awareness days in a year. Then we stumbled upon sites featuring other, country-specific holidays, then ones featuring unofficial ones and so on. There, however, was not one site that combined all of the events that we humans celebrate. That was it! We decided to change that and create a site that features all of them under one roof – the religious, country specific, international and unofficial.

When we started the site we thought that since there are so many different nationalities worldwide it could happen there won’t be a day in a year going by without something to celebrate somewhere. When we finally started adding data to our (now already vast) database of events that quickly became a fact – many different events happen each day not to mention the number goes into hundreds each month.

Months later out came the site that celebrates the important events in history, the cultural diversity, traditions, achievements of mankind, and helps create awareness about important subjects in the world. Use it not to miss an event or to learn about new events or events you’ve heard about in the past but never had the time to investigate further. Find out why some nations celebrate a certain event, who actually celebrates it, where it comes from, how and when it is celebrated and so on. Expand your knowledge about the history, cultures, and traditions we share on this third rock from the Sun.

If you like the site, have something to add, alert us about an event we don’t yet feature, send us an email here and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

We are far from over, though. There’s a lot we still need to cover in more detail, not to mention new holidays are being created each year. There’s work ahead of us and we are very much looking forward to it. If you feel the need to help in any way, send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

All the best,
Team of HolidaysCalendar.com