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About Us

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The primary mission at Holidays Calendar is to provide holiday information in a fun, entertaining and accurate way. This information often includes dates, background, historical facts, and ideas for holiday activities.

Personalized Calendars

One of Holidays Calendar's unique offerings is that it offers customized domain names for each user's calendar. This enables each user to share their calendar with others with the use of a simple location, such as The personalized calendars can also be displayed on a user's blog or website using copy and paste html code. The user then has the option to link back to our content, providing an enhanced experience for their user group.

Artwork and Banners

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Holidays Calendar is our creative and fun artwork. Artwork has been designed for most of our major holidays, including but not limited to Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. Our most recent additions have been country oriented, including France and United Kingdom.


Holidays Calendar began operations in 2010, in Rogers, Arkansas. We are incorporated in the state of Delaware.


To contact us, please visit or contact page.

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