March 19 holidays in 2018

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Father Day
Bolivia Observance
Father´s Day
Honduras Observance
Saint Joseph's Day
Colombia National Holiday
Saint Joseph´s Day
Venezuela National Holiday
St Joseph's Day
Multiple [Show] National Holiday
Feast of Saint Joseph
Malta National Holiday
San Jose
Spain (Ar , Cl , Cm , Ex , M , Ml , Mu , Na , Pv , Vc) Common Local Holidays
St. Patrick's Day observed
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Day off for Benito Juárez's Birthday Memorial
Mexico National Holiday
St. Patrick's Day
Canada (Newfoundland And Labrador) Local Holiday
St Patrick's Day observed
United kingdom (Northern Ireland) Local Holiday
St. Joseph's Day
- Christian
National Poultry Day
- Weird
National Chocolate Caramel Day
- Weird
National Let’s Laugh Day
- Weird
National Certified Nurses Day
- Weird

Historical Events on March 19

  • 1865: The Battle of Bentonville starts during the American Civil War. It would lead to the retreat of Confederate forces two days later.
  • 1895: The first footage taken using the cinematograph is taken by Louis and Auguste Lumiere.
  • 1918: Separate Time Zones and Daylight Savings Time is established by the United States Congress.
  • 1920: The U.S Senate once again rejects the Treaty of Versailles after rejecting it for the first time on November 19th, 1919.
  • 1931: Nevada legalizes gambling.
  • 1941: The Tuskegee Airmen – also known as the 99th Pursuit Squadron – is activated by the United States Army Air Corps during World War II.
  • 1943: Frank Nitti commits suicide at the Chicago Central Railyard.
  • 1944: Hungary becomes occupied by German forces during World War II.
  • 1945: A dive bomber hits the aircraft carrier the USS Franklin off of Japan’s coast during WWII.
  • 1945: Adolf Hitler orders all industries in Germany to be destroyed.
  • 1965: Over 100 years after its destruction, the wreck of the SS Georgiana is discovered by E. Lee Spence.
  • 1979: Day-to-day business of the United States House of Representatives begins being broadcast on C-SPAN on this day.
  • 2008: Cosmic ray burst GRB 080319B was briefly visible to the naked eye on this day.
  • 2013: Over 240 people were injured and almost 100 were killed during a series of shootings and bombings in Iraq.
  • 2016: 36 people are injured and 5 are killed during an explosion in Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey.

Famous Birthdays on March 19

  • Scottish explorer and missionary, David Livingstone is born in 1813.
  • American lawman and sheriff, Wyatt Earp is born in 1848.
  • American lieutenant, jurist and 14th Chief Justice of the U.S., Earl Warren is born in 1891.
  • American actor and producer, Bruce Willis is born in 1955.
  • English singer-songwriter Terry Hall is born in 1959.
  • Canadian actress Rachel Blanchard is born in 1976.




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