May 30 holidays in 2020

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Indian Arrival Day
Trinidad and tobago Public Holiday
Pentecost Eve
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Eid-al-Fitr Holiday
Saudi arabia National Holiday
Mothers' Day
Nicaragua Observance
Anguilla Day
Anguilla Public Holiday
Harvest Festival
Malaysia Common Local Holidays
Day of the Canary Islands
Spain (Canary Islands) Local Holiday
National Creativity Day
- Weird
National Water a Flower Day
- Weird
National Hole In My Bucket Day
- Weird
National Mint Julep Day
- Weird
Loomis Day
- Weird

Historical Events on May 30

  • 1574: Henry III is crowned the King of France.
  • 1588: The Spanish Armada’s last ship sets sail from Lisbon.
  • 1631: The first French newspaper is published on this day: The Gazette de France.
  • 1635: The Peace of Prague is signed during the 30 Years War.
  • 1806: Andrew Jackson Kills Charles Dickinson in a duel.
  • 1814: The Treaty of Paris is signed during the War of the Sixth Coalition.
  • 1814: Napoleon is exiled to Elba.
  • 1854: The Kansas–Nebraska Act is enacted. This establishes the territories of Nebraska and Kansas in the United States.
  • 1868: Decoration Day is observed for the first time in the U.S. Decoration Day was the predecessor to Memorial Day.
  • 1883: A stampeded on the Brooklyn Bridge kills 12 people in New York City.
  • 1899: Pearl Hart – also known as The Bandit Queen – robs a stage coach that was about thirty miles southeast of the town of Globe in Arizona.
  • 1941: In Greece, Apostolos Santas and Manolis Glezos climb the Acropolis and rip down the German Flag during World War 2.
  • 1942: 1,000 British bombers attack Cologne, Germany. The attack last over an hour and a half.
  • 1943: Josef Mengele is appointed as the Chief Medical Officer of the Romani family camp at Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
  • 1971: Mariner 9 is launched. It’s mission is to map approximately 70% of Mars and to study changes in the atmosphere of the Red Planet.
  • 1975: The European Space Agency is founded on this day.
  • 1998: An earthquake in the Takhar Province of Northern Afghanistan kills approximately forty-five hundred people.
  • 1998: In the Kharan Desert, Pakistan does an underground test of a nuclear bomb. It’s believed that it was a plutonium bomb with a yield of at least 20,000 Kilotons of TNT.

Famous Birthdays on May 30

  • American singer-songwriter and actress, Wynonna Judd is born in 1964.
  • English singer-songwriter Tim Burgess is born in 1967.
  • English screenwriter and director, Duncan Jones is born in 1971.



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