October 19 holidays in 2020

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Heroes' Day
Jamaica Public Holiday
Alaska Day observed
United states (Alaska) State Holiday
Mother Teresa Beatification Day
Albania National Holiday
National Kentucky Day
- Weird
National Seafood Bisque Day
- Weird
National LGBT Center Awareness Day
- Weird
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
- Weird

Historical Events on October 19

  • 1789: The first Chief Justice of the United States – John Jay – is sworn into office.
  • 1805: Austrian General Mack surrenders to Napoleon’s army at the Battle of Ulm during the Napoleonic Wars. Over thirty thousand prisoners are captured.
  • 1812: Napoleon Bonaparte withdraws from Moscow.
  • 1864: Philip Sheridan leads Union forces to destroy Confederate forces at the Battle of Cedar Creek during the American Civil War.
  • 1900: Planck’s Law is created when Max Planck discovers the principles behind black body radiation.
  • 1935: Because fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia, the League of Nations puts economic sanctions on it on this day.
  • 1943: Rutgers University comes up with the first antibiotic remedy for tuberculosis. It’s called Streptomycin.
  • 1943: Allied aircraft attack and sing the cargo vessel Sinfra at Souda Bay, Crete. As a result, over 2,000 Italian POWs drown as they go down with the ship.
  • 1944: United States forces arrive in the Philippines as a prelude to the arrival of U.S. General Douglas MacArthur.
  • 1960: An almost complete trade embargo is levied against Cuba by the United States during the Cold War.
  • 1973: When an Appeals Court decides that President Richard Nixon should turn over the Watergate tapes, he rejects the idea.
  • 1987: The U.S Navy begins Operation Nimble Archer – by attacking two Iranian oil platforms located in the Persian Gulf.
  • 1987: In what would later be called Black Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average falls by 508 points – or about 22-percent – on this day.

Famous Birthdays on October 19

  • English poet Leigh Hunt is born in 1784.
  • Greek painter Theodoros Vryzakis is born in 1814.
  • Belgian-English botanist and zoologist, George Albert Boulenger is born in 1858.
  • American writer and poet Emma Bell Miles is born in 1879.
  • American-English author Tracy Chevalier is born in 1962.
  • American boxer Evander Holyfield is born in 1962.
  • American carpenter and TV host, Ty Pennington is born in 1965.
  • American novelist and short story writer, David Vann is born in 1966.

Mardi Gras

Tax Day