November 22 holidays in 2020

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Christ the King Day Mexico Observance
Harvest Festival Turkmenistan Observance
Albanian Alphabet Day (Albanian community) Multiple [Show] Optional Holiday
Teacher´s Day Costa rica Observance
Independence Day Lebanon Public Holiday
Sunday of the Dead Germany Silent Day
National Cranberry Relish Day - Weird
Go For a Ride Day - Unofficial

Historical Events on November 22

  • 1864: Confederate General John Bell Hood unsuccessfully attempts to draw William Sherman back out of Georgia during the Franklin-Nashville Campaign of the American Civil War.
  • 1940: After the initial attack by Italian forces into Greece, Greek forces counterattack and capture Korytsa in Italian-occupied Albania during WWII.
  • 1942: During the Battle of Stalingrad, Adolf Hitler receives a telegram from German General Friedrich Paulus advising him the the German 6th Army is completely surrounded.
  • 1943: The Cairo Conference begins during WWII. This conference featured United States President Franlin D. Roosevelt, Chinese Premier Chiang Kai-shek and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill all meeting in Cairo, Egypt to discuss how Japan can be defeated.
  • 1943: Lebanon becomes independent from France.
  • 1954: The United States Humane Society is founded on this day.
  • 1963: The Detroit Lions is bought by William Clay Ford, Sr. for a total purchase price of $4.5 million dollars.
  • 1968: The White Album is released by the Beatles.
  • 1995: Toy Story becomes the first feature-length movie to be made using only computer generated imagery.
  • 2002: At an attack during the Miss World Contest in Nigeria, over a hundred people are killed.
  • 2015: One hundred and sixteen people are killed during a landslide in Hpakant, Kachin State in Northern Myanmar. One hundred more are missing.

Famous Birthdays on November 22

  • 2nd Lady of the United States, Abigail Adams is born in 1744.
  • English poet and novelist, George Eliot is born in 1819.
  • Israeli-English actress Anne Crawford is born in 1920
  • American comedian and screenwriter Rodney Dangerfield is born in 1921.
  • American actress and singer, Geraldine Page is born in 1924.
  • American actress Jamie Lee Curtis is born in 1958.
  • American actor Eddie Frierson is born in 1959.
  • American actress Mariel Hemingway is born in 1961.
  • American computer programmer Randal L. Schwartz is born in 1961.


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