November 6 holidays in 2020

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict United states United nations observance
Constitution Day Tajikistan Public holiday
Anniversary of the Green March Morocco National holiday
National Nachos Day - Weird
Saxophone Day - Weird
National Jersey Friday - Weird
Birthday of the Sultan of Perak Malaysia (Perak) Common local holiday

Historical Events on November 6

  • 1860: Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th President of the United States.
  • 1861: Jefferson Davis becomes the president of the Confederate States of America.
  • 1913: While leading Indian miners in South Africa, Mohandas Gandhi is arrested.
  • 1934: The first major city that joins the Tennessee Valley Authority is Memphis, Tennessee.
  • 1941: Joseph Stalin addresses the people of Russia during the Battle of Moscow.
  • 1943: As they are retreating from the advance of the Soviet Red Army, German forces destroy most of Kiev’s ancient buildings.
  • 1944: Weapon’s grade plutonium is produced for the first time at Hanford Atomic Facility. This plutonium would be used in the “Fat Man” bomb that’s dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.
  • 1945: Elizabeth Bentley surrenders to the FBI and confesses that she’s been a spy for the Soviet Union.
  • 1947: Meet the Press airs on TV for the first time.
  • 1962: The apartheid practices of South Africa are condemned by a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly. This resolution urges all United Nation member nations to cease all economic and military relations with this country.
  • 1971: The largest underground hydrogen bomb – Cannikin – is detonated by the U.S Atomic Energy Commission on Amchitka Island in the Aluetian Island chain.

Famous Birthdays on November 6

  • Canadian-American physician and inventor of basketball, James Naismith is born in 1861.
  • American illustrator and painter Everett Shinn is born in 1876.
  • American actress June Squibb is born in 1929.
  • English race car driver Peter Collins is born in 1931.
  • American photographer Gary Gross is born in 1937.
  • American author Marco Vassi is born in 1937.
  • American actress Sally Field is born in 1946.
  • English actress Carolyn Seymour is born in 1947.
  • American singer-songwriter and actor, Glenn Frey is born in 1948.
  • American screenwriter John Falsey is born in 1951.
  • American novelist and screenwriter Michael Cunningham is born in 1952.


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