October 3 holidays in 2020

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Foundation Day South Korea National Holiday
Iraqi Independence Day Iraq National Holiday
Morazan´s Day Honduras National Holiday
First day of Sukkot Multiple [Show] Jewish Holiday
First Day of Sukkot Multiple [Show] Jewish Holiday
National Day Golden Week holiday China National Holiday
Sukkot I Israel National Holiday, Hebrew
Wine Day (Day 1) Moldova Observance
Day of German Unity Germany National Holiday
National Boyfriend Day - (Relationships & Family)
National Techies Day - Unofficial (Hobby & Creativity, Products & Technology )
Birthday of the Governor of Sabah Malaysia (Sabah) Common Local Holiday
Card Making Day - Unofficial (Hobby & Creativity)
Sukkot - Jewish
Virus Appreciation Day - Unofficial (Health & Body)

Historical Events on October 3

  • 42 B.C: During the First Battle of Philippi, Mark Antony and Octavian fight a battle against the assassins of Caesar, Brutus and Cassius.
  • 382: The Goths sign a peace treaty with Roman Emperor Theodosius. The terms of the treaty state resettles the Goths in the Balkans in exchange for military service.
  • 1392: Muhammed VII becomes the 12th Sultan of the Emirate of Granada.
  • 1712: An arrest warrant is issued by the Duke of Montrose for the arrest of Rob Roy MacGregor.
  • 1795: In Curacao, rebel slave leader Tula is executed.
  • 1835: Fine writing instrument company – Staedtler – is founded in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • 1849: In what would be the last appearance in public before his death, American author Edgar Allan Poe is found in a gutter in Baltimore under mysterious circumstances.
  • 1863: United States President Abraham Lincoln names the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.
  • 1872: At 938 Third Avenue in New York, the Bloomingdale bros open up their very first store.
  • 1952: The U.K becomes the world’s third nuclear power when it successfully tests a nuclear weapon on this day.
  • 1957: Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl and Other Poems is ruled to be not obscene by the California State Superior Court.
  • 1962: Astronaut Wally Schirra is launched into space for a six-orbit nine-hour flight aboard Sigma 7.
  • 1985: The maiden flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis starts on this day. It’s Mission STS-51-J.

Famous Birthdays on October 3

  • American historian, politician and “Father of American History,” George Bancroft is born in 1800.
  • French author and educator, Allan Kardec is born in 1804.
  • American actor and screenwriter Wade Boteler is born in 1888.
  • German journalist and Nobel Prize laureate, Carl von Ossietzky is born in 1889.
  • Italian author and poet, Giovanni Comisso is born in 1895.
  • Russian poet Sergei Yesenin is born in 1895.
  • Spanish poet Gerardo Diego is born in 1896.
  • French author and poet Louis Aragon is born in 1897.
  • American actress, screenwriter and producer Gertrude Berg is born in 1899.
  • American novelist Thomas Wolfe is born in 1900.
  • American singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani is born in 1969.