October 30 holidays in 2021

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak Nation Slovakia Observance
Mischief Night United States Observance
National Speak Up For Service Day - Unofficial (Awareness & Cause)
National Publicist Day - Unofficial (Work & Occupation)
National Candy Corn Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
World Thrift Day Germany Observance
National Hug A Sheep Day - Unofficial (Animals)
National Checklist Day - Unofficial (Activity & Action)
Create A Great Funeral Day - Unofficial (Relationships & Family)

Historical Events on October 30

  • 1485: Henry VII is crowned King of England.
  • 1657: During the Anglo-Spanish War, Spanish forces attempt to retake Jamaica at the Battle of Ocho Rios but fail.
  • 1806: General Lasalle manages to get Prussian Lieutenant General Friedrich von Romberg to surrender the city of Stettin – even though Lasalle only has a force of 800 men and Friedrich von Romberg had a force of over 5,000 men.
  • 1894: A patent is given to Domenico Melegatti for his procedure in mass producing pandoro – an Italian sweet yeast bread.
  • 1938: The now famous radio play of H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds is broadcast by Orson Welles on this day.
  • 1941: During World War II, $1 billion dollars in Lend-Lease Aid is approved for the Allied nations.
  • 1941: The Nazis send over fifteen hundred Jews from Pidhaytsi in Western Ukraine to the Belzec Extermination Camp.
  • 1944: Anne Frank and Margo Frank are deported to the  Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp from Auschwitz. Within the next year, right before the conclusion of World War II, they’ll both die from disease.
  • 1945: Jackie Robinson signs a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. This makes him the first African-American baseball player in history to play in the Major League Baseball.
  • 1974: Muhammad Ali and George Foreman take part in a boxing match that is known as The Rumble in the Jungle in Kinshasa, Zaire. It’s Foreman’s first professional defeat and Ali regains the title of World Heavyweight Champion.
  • 1985: The Space Shuttle Challenges takes off for mission STS-61.

Famous Birthdays on October 30

  • American lawyer, politician and 2nd President of the United States, John Adams is born in 1735.
  • French-English painter Alfred Sisley is born in 1839.
  • French-Swiss physician and neurologist Georges Gilles de la Tourette is born in 1857.
  • French poet Paul Valery is born in 1871.
  • American poet and critic Ezra Pound is born in 1885.
  • American author and poet Zoe Akins is born in 1886.
  • Italian-American bodybuilder Charles Atlas is born in 1893.
  • German bacteriologist, pathologist and Nobel Prize laureate, Gerhard Domagk is born in 1895.
  • American physiologist, physician and Nobel Prize laureate, Dickinson W. Richards is born in 1895.
  • American singer-songwriter Grace Slick is born in 1939.
  • English author Jean Chapman is born in 1939.
  • American biologist and Nobel Prize laureate Leland H. Hartwell is born in 1939.

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Corpus Christi

Eid al-Adha

Bastille Day