Bhai Duj

Celebrated on the last day of Diwali – Bhai Duj is a festival that occurs during the Hindu month of Kartika. It is a celebration that is much like Raksha Bandhan, except instead of brothers honoring their sisters – this day is for sisters to honor their brothers. Other names for this festival include Bhaui Beej, Bhai Phota and Bhai Tika. It is a holiday that is celebrated all over India and Nepal.


There are several myths associated with the creation of Bhai Duj, however the most prevalent one is the one that involves Lord Krishna. In this myth, Krishna defeats the demon called Narakasura. After he defeated him, Krishna then goes to the home of his sister Subhadra. When he arrived there, his sister placed a tilak on his forehead for sisterly protection.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

One of the main traditions performed on this day is the preparation of a large meal by women for their brothers to enjoy. Dishes that are often served during this meal include Bhalle Kaju Barfi, Pakoras, Gajar ka halwaDahi, MalpuaKhoya Barfi and Fruit Kheer. After the meal, brothers and sisters usually shower each other with gifts. On this day, parades and other festivities occur all across India and Nepal.


This important holiday allows siblings to strengthen the bonds between them and allows families to gather together to celebrate the love and security that exists within the family core.

Where is Bhai Duj celebrated?

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