Clergy Appreciation Day

Celebrated on the second Sunday in October, Clergy Appreciation Day is a holiday that’s designed to remind all participants of the work and the contributions to society that members of the clergy have contributed. This national day celebrates priests, ministers, and pastors, and is a national holiday that occurs during National Clergy Month. This is a holiday that people of faith all over the U.S celebrate in their own personal ways.  This day is also known as Pastor Appreciation Day.

The History Of Clergy Appreciation Day

Clergy Appreciation Day is a holiday that was first officially started in the U.S by Hallmark Cards in 1992. At first, the name of the holiday was Clergy Appreciation National Day Of Honor and was started as a way to sell additional greeting cards for that new holiday. It was later changed to National Clergy Appreciation Day and eventually shortened to its current form. 

Although this holiday was officially started by Hallmark Cards, the reality is that having a day to thank the clergy for their efforts is a practice that goes back to biblical times. In the New Testament of the Bible, Paul encourages followers to give their church elders extra honor. 

Fun Religious Facts

Although this section has little to do with this holiday, it’s still full of some fun facts that many people are going to appreciate learning about. The following facts not only highlight the diversity of the different religions of the world but also highlights some major facts about them. 

  • The largest religion in the world is Christianity with 2.4 billion followers.
  • Methodism is a religion that currently has over 80-million worldwide followers.
  • Islam consists of two main denominations: Shia Islam and Sunni Islam. 
  • Christianity, Islam & Judaism all fall under the umbrella of Abrahamic Religions.
  • The Ancient Egyptians believed that their souls were judged by the gods after their death.
  • Rastafari is one of the smallest world religions—having only approximately 600,000 followers. 
  • The three main gods worshiped by Hindus include Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. 
  • The three largest world religions are Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.
  • Wicca is a religion that’s based in European fertility cults but was only officially created in the 1950s.
  • Less than 2% of U.S adults identify as Mormon. 
  • Less than 2% of U.S adults identify as Episcopalian. 

How To Observe Clergy Appreciation Day

Since this day was founded by a greeting card company, one of the most suitable ways of celebrating it is by giving your favorite pastor, priest, or minister a card of thanks for all that they do during the year. You can also use the hashtag #ClergyAppreciationDay on social media to give a shout-out to your favorite members of the clergy on the Internet. 

Where is Clergy Appreciation Day celebrated?

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