National New Jersey Day

National New Jersey Day is a holiday that’s celebrated annually on July 27th. It was a holiday that was started by a holiday calendar in 2019 that created a series of holidays to honor various U.S states. That means that there is no real significance to why this holiday is celebrated on this day. However, there is an official New Jersey Day that falls on June 24th annually and is used to celebrate the day that New Jersey officially received its name from James, Duke Of York. 

Facts About New Jersey

As we researched the origins of this holiday, we decided to go ahead and find out some more interesting facts that we learned about this U.S State. The following facts are ones that we think that everyone reading this article is going to appreciate. 

New Jersey Is The Diner Capital Of The World

One of the first facts we want to discuss about this state is that it’s considered to be the diner capital of the world. That’s because it has more diners than any other U.S state. According to the latest research, New Jersey is home to over 525 diners. 

Salt Water Taffy Was Invented In New Jersey

Another fascinating fact about this state is that it’s the birthplace of saltwater taffy. This taffy is made from corn syrup, glycerin, and butter and was first manufactured and sold in the Jersey Shore area in approximately 1883. 

The First Official Baseball Game Was Held In Hoboken, New Jersey

Although baseball had been played all over the country prior to the 18th century, the first official baseball game took place in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1846. 

Thomas Edison’s Famous Menlo Park Was Located In New Jersey

Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park was located in New Jersey and that is where he invented the phonograph in 1877. However, that was only the first invention that he would create there. By the time of Edison’s death in 1931, he would go on to patent over 1,093 inventions and many of those were at Menlo Park. 

New Jersey Has A High Concentration Of Shopping Malls

New Jersey also has a high concentration of shopping malls in one 25-mile square radius. There are seven malls in all in that area, and that makes it the highest concentration of shopping malls in any area in the world. 

Celebrating National New Jersey Day

National New Jersey Day is a day that’s easy to celebrate.  All a person has to do is to use the hashtag #NationalNewJerseyDay on their social media accounts, learn more about New Jersey, or even take the time out to visit this great U.S State. New Jersey has been a state since December 19, 1787 and it has a rich history that far predates even that date. All of which are good reasons for people to take time out of their day and celebrate this holiday. 

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