National Oreo Cookie Day

National Oreo Cookie Day is a holiday that celebrates one of the most famous cookies of all time. This holiday is celebrated on March 6th annually and is the perfect excuse for anyone to grab a package of these cookies and enjoy them with a glass of milk. Who doesn’t like to enjoy these chocolate disk surrounding a cream filling?

The History Of National Oreo Cookie Day

We don’t know when National Oreo Cookie Day was invented, but we do know that it’s celebrated on March 6th every year because that is the date in 1912 that the National Biscuit Company placed on their forms when they applied for a trademark. Although March 6, 1912, is the date when they applied for their trademark, the trademark wasn’t officially registered until March 14, 1912. When it was launched, this cookie was originally known as the “Oreo Biscuit” but the name changed over time. 

What we find interesting about this cookie, however, is that it wasn’t an original invention of the National Biscuit Company. It was a knock-off of cookies that were already being made by Sunshine Biscuits—cookies that were known as Hydrox cookies. Hydrox cookies were introduced to the public in 1908. Hydrox cookies are still being sold to this day. 

In 1921, the name of the Oreo Biscuit was changed to Oreo Sandwich. Twenty-seven years later, in 1948, the name was changed to Oreo Creme Sandwich. Another 26-years later, the cookies were renamed again and the new name became Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie. Nowadays, the cookies simply go by the name Oreo. 

Facts About Oreo Cookie

As we researched National Oreo Cookie Day, we came across some interesting facts about the cookie that we thought was interesting, so we decided to list some of these facts below. Enjoy!

  • Oreo released two flavors on March 6, 1912: Original Oreos & Lemon Meringue Oreos.
  • Double Stuff Oreos are not actually double the size. They’re only 1.86-times bigger than regular Oreos.
  • Each Oreo cookie wafer is cooked for exactly 4.84 minutes.
  • Oreo makes over 123,000 tons of Oreo cookie cream every year. 
  • Over 500 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since 1912. 
  • Each Oreo has 90 ridges.
  • Why is it named Oreo? Some people believe it was named after the French word for gold: Or.

Celebrating National Oreo Cookie Day

Most of our readers can probably figure out what’s our recommendation for celebrating this holiday is going to be. They know that we’re going to recommend that people go out and buy some Oreo cookies and either enjoy them alone or with friends and family. And they’ll probably also know that we recommend using the hashtag #NationalOreoDay when posting on their social media accounts. And you know what? These people would be right. Those are all ways that we recommend celebrating National Oreo Cookie Day. 

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