National Decency Day

Observed annually on May 14th, National Decency Day is a holiday dedicated to inspiring decency in everyday life in the U.S. There are basic standards of civility that have been slowly eroding over the past few decades, and this day is dedicated to restoring those basics back into society.

This day also seeks to encourage local community groups and schools to introduce decency and integrate it into service projects and curriculum plans. Decency is something that can be relearned, so it’s on all of us to bring it back into civilized society and model good behavior for our children.

The History of National Decency Day

This holiday was created in 2017 by Lisa Cholnoky—a graphic designer and parent who lived in New York and wanted to address the divisive public discourse that she found all around her. Not only on social media but also in the public arena as well. She wanted to make a difference in the world, so she created a day designed to bring decency back into day-to-day conversations and actions.

Observing National Decency Day

National Decency Day is primarily observed by taking the time to inject “decency” into your own conversations and personal interactions. If we want to affect change in the world, then it has to begin within each of us first, and that means treating everyone with respect. It’s also a good day to start a conversation with your children about what decency is and what it means to them.

People can also encourage their schools to become Decency partners and to pass out Decency pins and buttons. The word about this holiday should also be spread using the hashtag #NationalDecencyDay on social media. If we all take these steps and work together, then we can come closer to restoring kindness back into our society and make a better future for our children.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 14 Tuesday
Next year (2025)
May 14 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
May 14 Sunday