Date Name Topic
Jan 3 Tuesday

National Drinking Straw Day

Jan 6 Friday

National Technology Day

Jan 9 Monday

National Balloon Ascension Day

Jan 10 Tuesday

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Jan 13 Friday

Public Radio Broadcasting Day

Jan 15 Sunday

National Pothole Day

Jan 17 Tuesday

Cable Car Day

Jan 19 Thursday

National Tin Can Day

Jan 20 Friday

National Camcorder Day

Jan 24 Tuesday

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Jan 24 Tuesday

Macintosh Computer Day

Jan 27 Friday

World Breast Pumping Day

Jan 30 Monday

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Jan 31 Tuesday

Scotch Tape Day

Feb 1 Wednesday

Car Insurance Day

Feb 1 Wednesday

Free And Open Source Software Month

Feb 10 Friday

National Umbrella Day

Feb 11 Saturday

National Inventors’ Day

Feb 13 Monday

National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Feb 13 Monday

World Radio Day

Feb 14 Tuesday

National Ferris Wheel Day

Feb 14 Tuesday

Safer Internet Day

Feb 18 Saturday

National Battery Day

Feb 23 Thursday

National Tile Day

Mar 3 Friday

National Day of Unplugging

Mar 5 Sunday

Teen Tech Week

Mar 11 Saturday

National Worship of Tools Day

Mar 13 Monday

National Earmuff Day

Mar 16 Thursday

National Freedom of Information Day

Mar 18 Saturday

National Biodiesel Day

Mar 25 Saturday

Nano Days

Mar 30 Thursday

National Pencil Day

Mar 31 Friday

National Bunsen Burner Day

Mar 31 Friday

World Backup Day

Apr 1 Saturday

National One Cent Day

Apr 4 Tuesday

Jeep 4×4 Day

Apr 5 Wednesday

National Flash Drive Day

Apr 6 Thursday

National Teflon Day

Apr 11 Tuesday

National Eight Track Tape Day

Apr 11 Tuesday

National Submarine Day

Apr 12 Wednesday

International Day of Human Space Flight

Apr 12 Wednesday

Yuri's Night

Apr 15 Saturday

National Rubber Eraser Day

Apr 25 Tuesday

National Telephone Day

Apr 26 Wednesday

World Intellectual Property Day

May 4 Thursday

World Password Day

May 12 Friday

National Odometer Day

May 13 Saturday

National Train Day

May 17 Wednesday

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

May 19 Friday

National Defense Transportation Day

May 25 Thursday

National Brown-Bag It Day

May 27 Saturday

National Cellophane Tape Day

May 29 Monday

National Paperclip Day

May 30 Tuesday

Loomis Day

May 31 Wednesday

Autonomous Vehicle Day

Jun 7 Wednesday

National VCR Day

Jun 10 Saturday

National Ballpoint Pen Day

Jun 13 Tuesday

National Sewing Machine Day

Jun 19 Monday

National FreeBSD Day

Jun 19 Monday

National Watch Day

Jun 22 Thursday

National HVAC Tech Day

Jun 23 Friday

Typewriter Day

Jun 28 Wednesday

National Parchment Day

Jun 29 Thursday

National Camera Day

Jun 29 Thursday

National Waffle Iron Day

Jun 30 Friday

Social Media Day

Jul 1 Saturday

National U.S. Postage Stamp Day

Jul 8 Saturday

Math 2.0 Day

Jul 8 Saturday

Video Games Day

Jul 12 Wednesday

Paper Bag Day

Jul 14 Friday

National Tape Measure Day

Jul 17 Monday

Wrong Way Corrigan Day

Jul 20 Thursday

National Moon Day

Jul 20 Thursday

Space Exploration Day

Jul 22 Saturday

National Hammock Day

Jul 29 Saturday

National Lipstick Day

Aug 1 Tuesday

World Wide Web Day

Aug 7 Monday

National Lighthouse Day

Aug 18 Friday

National Mail Order Catalog Day

Aug 20 Sunday

National Radio Day

Sep 3 Sunday

Skyscraper Day

Sep 12 Tuesday

National Video Game Day

Sep 13 Wednesday

Programmers Day

Sep 28 Thursday

World Maritime Day

Sep 30 Saturday

Save Your Photos Day

Oct 1 Sunday

CD Player Day

Oct 1 Sunday

Change A Light Day

Oct 2 Monday

National Name Your Car Day

Oct 2 Monday

National Produce Misting Day

Oct 3 Tuesday

National Techies Day

Oct 6 Friday

Inbox Zero Day

Oct 6 Friday

National Manufacturing Day

Oct 7 Saturday

National Bathtub Day

Oct 7 Saturday

National LED Light Day

Oct 9 Monday

National Online Bank Day

Oct 10 Tuesday

Ada Lovelace Day

Oct 14 Saturday

World Standards Day

Oct 15 Sunday

World Toy Camera Day

Oct 16 Monday

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Oct 16 Monday

Steve Jobs Day

Oct 17 Tuesday

Spreadsheet Day

Oct 23 Monday

iPod Day

Oct 24 Tuesday

World Development Information Day

Oct 29 Sunday

Internet Day

Oct 31 Tuesday

National Doorbell Day

Nov 1 Wednesday

Scented Candle Day

Nov 3 Friday

Fountain Pen Day

Nov 3 Friday

Smart Home Day

Nov 8 Wednesday

World Radiography Day

Nov 9 Thursday

World Quality Day

Nov 10 Friday

Area Code Day

Nov 10 Friday

World Top Up Day

Nov 19 Sunday

Name Your PC Day

Nov 20 Monday

Africa Industrialization Day

Nov 21 Tuesday

World Television Day

Nov 22 Wednesday

National Jukebox Day

Nov 23 Thursday

Fibonacci Day

Nov 29 Wednesday

Electronic Greetings Day

Nov 30 Thursday

Computer Security Day

Nov 30 Thursday

National Mason Jar Day

Dec 1 Friday

National Cookie Cutter Day

Dec 1 Friday

National Cookie Cutter Week

Dec 2 Saturday

Candle Day

Dec 6 Wednesday

National Microwave Oven Day

Dec 9 Saturday

International Shareware Day

Dec 11 Monday

National App Day

Dec 21 Thursday

National Flashlight Day

Dec 29 Friday

No Interruptions Day