August 26 holidays in 2023

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Heroes' Day Namibia Public Holiday
National Day of Repentance Papua New Guinea Public Holiday
National Dog Day - (Animals)
National WebMistress Day - Unofficial (Work & Occupation)
National Cherry Popsicle Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks, Fun & Joy)
Women's Equality Day United States Observance
International Bat Nights - Unofficial (Animals)

Historical Events on August 26

  • 1346: The French realize that their armored knights and crossbows are no match for English longbows at the Battle of Crecy during the 100 Years War.
  • 1498: The commision to carve the Pietà is given to
  • 1748: the Pennsylvania Ministerium – the first Lutheran denomination to be established in North America is founded in the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.
  • 1768: Aboard the HMS Endeavour – Capt. James Cook sets sail from England.
  • 1778: The first ascent of Triglav – the highest mountain in Slovenia – is recorded on this day.
  • 1791: A U.S patent for the steamboat is given to John Fitch.
  • 1920: The Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S Constitution takes effect on this day granting women the right to vote.
  • 1944: Charles de Gaulle enters the city of Paris, France during World War II.
  • 1966: The battle of Omugulugwombashe becomes the first battle of the Namibian War of Independence .
  • 1977: The National Assembly of Quebec adopts the Charter of the French Language.
  • 1978: Albino Luciani is elected by the papal conclave and is named Pope John Paul I.
  • 1997: 100 people are killed at the Beni Ali Massacre in Algeria.
  • 2015: A disgruntled coworkers kills two journalists while they were performing a live report in Moneta, Virginia.

Famous Birthdays on August 26

  • English computer scientist Karen Spärck Jones is born in 1935.
  • American lawyer and politician Geraldine Ferraro is born in 1935.
  • American political scientist Benedict Anderson is born in 1936.
  • American singer-songwriter Don Bowman is born in 1937.
  • American comedian, actress and screenwriter Melissa McCarthy is born in 1970.
  • Australian rugby player Jason Little is born in 1970.
  • American actor Macaulay Culkin is born in 1980.
  • American actor Chris Pine is born in 1980.
  • German footballer Sebastian Bönig is born in 1981.
  • Barbadian cricketer Tito Best is born in 1981.
  • American ice hockey player Noah Welch is born in 1982.
  • American comedian, writer and actor John Mulaney is born in 1982.
  • American baseball player Jayson Nix is born in 1982.