Date Name Topic
Jan 1 Sunday

National Blood Donor Month

Jan 1 Sunday

National Mentoring Month

Jan 2 Monday

Motivation And Inspiration Day

Jan 4 Wednesday

National Trivia Day

Jan 8 Sunday

War On Poverty Day

Jan 9 Monday

National Balloon Ascension Day

Jan 9 Monday

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Jan 9 Monday

Play God Day

Jan 11 Wednesday

National Take The Stairs Day

Jan 13 Friday

Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Jan 14 Saturday

International Kite Day

Jan 14 Saturday

Organize Your Home Day

Jan 20 Friday

Take A Walk Outdoors Day

Jan 22 Sunday

Celebration Of Life Day

Jan 24 Tuesday

National Just Do It Day

Jan 24 Tuesday

Speak Up And Succeed Day

Jan 28 Saturday

Rattlesnake Roundup Day

Jan 30 Monday

National Escape Day

Feb 5 Sunday

Boy Scout Anniversary Week

Feb 8 Wednesday

National Kite Flying Day

Feb 13 Monday

National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Feb 13 Monday

Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Feb 17 Friday

Great Backyard Bird Count

Feb 17 Friday

National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Feb 22 Wednesday

Be Humble Day

Feb 28 Tuesday

National Tooth Fairy Day

Mar 1 Wednesday

National Cheerleading Week

Mar 1 Wednesday

Plan a Solo Vacation Day

Mar 2 Thursday

National Old Stuff Day

Mar 3 Friday

National I Want You to be Happy Day

Mar 4 Saturday

March Forth and Do Something Day

Mar 7 Tuesday

National Be Heard Day

Mar 9 Thursday

National Get Over it Day

Mar 11 Saturday

National Promposal Day

Mar 12 Sunday

National Girl Scout Day

Mar 13 Monday

National Good Samaritan Day

Mar 13 Monday

National Napping Day

Mar 15 Wednesday

National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Mar 16 Thursday

National Everything You Do is Right Day

Mar 18 Saturday

National Supreme Sacrifice Day

Mar 21 Tuesday

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Mar 21 Tuesday

National Common Courtesy Day

Mar 30 Thursday

National I Am in Control Day

Mar 30 Thursday

National Take a Walk in the Park Day

Apr 3 Monday

World Party Day

Apr 5 Wednesday

National Go For Broke Day

Apr 5 Wednesday

National Walking Day

Apr 14 Friday

National Gardening Day

Apr 19 Wednesday

National Hanging Out Day

Apr 20 Thursday

National High Five Day

Apr 20 Thursday

National Look Alike Day

Apr 22 Saturday

National Girl Scout Leader’s Day

Apr 23 Sunday

National Picnic Day

Apr 29 Saturday

International Dance Day

Apr 29 Saturday

National Pool Opening Day

Apr 29 Saturday

National Rebuilding Day

Apr 30 Sunday

National PrepareAthon! Day

May 4 Thursday

National Renewal Day

May 10 Wednesday

National Clean Up Your Room Day

May 11 Thursday

National Foam Rolling Day

May 13 Saturday

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day

May 16 Tuesday

National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day

May 18 Thursday

National No Dirty Dishes Day

May 20 Saturday

National Learn to Swim Day

May 20 Saturday

National Pick Strawberries Day

May 25 Thursday

Sing Out Day

May 26 Friday

World Lindy Hop Day

May 31 Wednesday

National Speak in Sentences Day

Jun 1 Thursday

National Go Barefoot Day

Jun 3 Saturday

National Repeat Day

Jun 3 Saturday

National Trails Day

Jun 14 Wednesday

World Blood Donor Day

Jun 15 Thursday

National Dump the Pump Day

Jun 18 Sunday

International Picnic Day

Jun 18 Sunday

National Go Fishing Day

Jun 20 Tuesday

National Hike with a Geek Day

Jun 21 Wednesday

Go Skateboarding Day

Jun 24 Saturday

Swim a Lap Day

Jul 1 Saturday

Hop-a-Park Day

Jul 7 Friday

National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

Jul 12 Wednesday

National Simplicity Day

Jul 14 Friday

National Nude Day

Jul 15 Saturday

National Give Something Away Day

Jul 15 Saturday

Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day

Jul 26 Wednesday

National All or Nothing Day

Jul 28 Friday

National Get Gnarly Day

Jul 28 Friday

National Waterpark Day

Aug 5 Saturday

National Disc Golf Day

Aug 10 Thursday

Lazy Day

Aug 12 Saturday

National Bowling Day

Aug 12 Saturday

National Garage Sale Day

Aug 15 Tuesday

National Relaxation Day

Aug 22 Tuesday

Be An Angel Day

Aug 22 Tuesday

National Tooth Fairy Day

Aug 23 Wednesday

National Ride The Wind Day

Aug 27 Sunday

National Just Because Day

Aug 29 Tuesday

According to Hoyle Day

Aug 31 Thursday

Eat Outside Day

Aug 31 Thursday

National Trail Mix Day

Sep 1 Friday

National College Colors Day

Sep 2 Saturday

National Tailgating Day

Sep 5 Tuesday

International Day of Charity

Sep 10 Sunday

National Swap Ideas Day

Sep 11 Monday

National Make Your Bed Day

Sep 13 Wednesday

National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

Sep 16 Saturday

Collect Rocks Day

Sep 16 Saturday

National Dance Day

Sep 22 Friday

Car Free Day

Sep 23 Saturday

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Sep 24 Sunday

Innergize Day

Sep 30 Saturday

National Ghost Hunting Day

Oct 4 Wednesday

National Walk to School Day

Oct 5 Thursday

National Do Something Nice Day

Oct 9 Monday

National Kick Butt Day

Oct 13 Friday

National Train Your Brain Day

Oct 14 Saturday

National Motorcycle Ride Day

Oct 16 Monday

Department Store Day

Oct 16 Monday

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Oct 17 Tuesday

National Mulligan Day

Oct 20 Friday

National Youth Confidence Day

Oct 21 Saturday

Bridge Day

Oct 27 Friday

National Mentoring Day

Oct 28 Saturday

Make a Difference Day

Oct 30 Monday

National Checklist Day

Nov 1 Wednesday

Extra Mile Day

Nov 2 Thursday

National Men Make Dinner Day

Nov 10 Friday

World Top Up Day

Nov 13 Monday

Sadie Hawkins Day

Nov 15 Wednesday

National Bundt (Pan) Day

Nov 15 Wednesday

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Nov 17 Friday

National Take A Hike Day

Nov 19 Sunday

National Camp Day

Nov 21 Tuesday

World Hello Day

Nov 22 Wednesday

Go For a Ride Day

Nov 25 Saturday

Blase' Day

Nov 25 Saturday

Shopping Reminder Day

Nov 28 Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Nov 29 Wednesday

National Square Dancing Day

Dec 5 Tuesday

International Ninja Day

Dec 7 Thursday

Letter Writing Day

Dec 9 Saturday

Gingerbread Decorating Day

Dec 20 Wednesday

Games Day

Dec 20 Wednesday

International Human Solidarity Day

Dec 21 Thursday

National Re-Gifting Day

Dec 27 Wednesday

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Dec 27 Wednesday

Visit The Zoo Day

Dec 29 Friday

Tick Tock Day