Clean Your Aquarium Day

A clean aquarium is not only nicer to look at than a dirty one, but it’s also essential for preserving the health of the marine life living within it. Over time, nitrates and metabolites can build up in the aquarium, and this can seriously affect the health of the precious pets who call the aquarium their home.

Unfortunately, it can be hard for many people to remember to keep up with aquarium maintenance, and that’s why the holiday Clean Your Aquarium Day was invented. This holiday is observed annually on June 18th and serves as a reminder that aquariums need to be cleaned, not just on this day, but regularly throughout the year.

The History of Clean Your Aquarium Day

Who invented Clean Your Aquarium Day? We’re not exactly sure. It could have been created by pet stores or aquarium enthusiasts to help promote a healthier aquarium environment for marine pets, but we can’t verify if that is true.

It’s also quite possible that this holiday was created as part of a marketing campaign for aquarium cleaning services and/or products. We just don’t know. What we do know is that we’re going to keep trying to find out the origins of this holiday, and if we find them, then we’re going to update this section accordingly.

Observing Clean Your Aquarium Day

This holiday is for people to ensure that their aquarium is clean and that they are doing everything they can to keep their fish and other marine animals healthy and happy.

Obviously, people should be cleaning their aquariums more than just once a year, but we do think this holiday can serve as an important reminder that they need to schedule regular cleanings all year long. While celebrating this holiday, they can take the time to spread the word about it using the hashtag #CleanYourAquariumDay online.

When is it?
This year (2024)
June 18 Tuesday
Next year (2025)
June 18 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
June 18 Sunday
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