World Environment Day

Created by the United Nations in 1972, World Environment Day is a day designed to bring global awareness and direct action for the preservation of Earth. It is celebrated each year on the 5th of June throughout the world. Since its inception, it has been a political and social platform for individuals, governments and celebrities wishing to make a public outreach and make their concerns for the environment known. Every year, there is a different theme for this day and it is hosted in a different city. For instance, in 2006, was deserts and desertification and it was hosted in Algeria. In 2009, the theme was climate change and it was hosted in Mexico.

Celebrations and Observances

Aside from the scheduled events from the United Nations Environment Programme, people around the world celebrate this holiday in a number of different and personal ways. Below are some suggestions on how to celebrate this day in your own unique way.

Walk or Use Public Transportation – A great way to celebrate World Environment Day is to make a promise to yourself that you are going to walk, bike or use public transportation more in your own life.

Design And Start A Garden – There is probably no better way to celebrate this day, then taking the time to start your own garden, or to begin the practice of composting.

Practice Recycling – You can take the initiative to recycle your trash. You can start by separating your trash into aluminum, glass and paper. If there isn’t a recycling program in your area, then maybe you can start one!!

Start Your Own World Environment Day Event – With some planning you can start your own event. You can either use the themes presented by UNEP, or create your own. Invite friends and family over and make it a celebration no one will ever forget.

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