Date Name Topic
Jan 1 Sunday

Celebration Of Life Week

Jan 1 Sunday

National Black Diamond Month

Jan 1 Sunday

National Hobby Month

Jan 1 Sunday

New Year’s Resolutions Week

Jan 2 Monday

World Introvert Day

Jan 15 Sunday

Hunt For Happiness Week

Jan 15 Sunday

National Hat Day

Jan 17 Tuesday

Ditch New Year's Resolution Day

Jan 19 Thursday

Get to Know Your Customers Day

Jan 21 Saturday

International Sweatpants Day

Jan 21 Saturday

National Cheesy Socks Day

Jan 21 Saturday

National Use Your Gift Card Day

Jan 22 Sunday

National Polka Dot Day

Jan 25 Wednesday

A Room Of One’s Own Day

Jan 26 Thursday

Clashing Clothes Day

Jan 30 Monday

Intimate Apparel Market Week

Jan 30 Monday

National Escape Day

Jan 31 Tuesday

Plan for Vacation Day

Feb 1 Wednesday

National Fasting February

Feb 1 Wednesday

National Get Up Day

Feb 11 Saturday

National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Feb 11 Saturday

National White Shirt Day

Feb 13 Monday

National Secondhand Wardrobe Week

Feb 19 Sunday

National Lash Day

Feb 27 Monday

National Retro Day

Mar 1 Wednesday

Plan a Solo Vacation Day

Mar 2 Thursday

National Old Stuff Day

Mar 6 Monday

National Dress Day

Mar 14 Tuesday

National Underground America Day

Mar 21 Tuesday

National Fragrance Day

Mar 30 Thursday

National Virtual Vacation Day

Mar 31 Friday

National Prom Day

Apr 3 Monday

National Tweed Day

Apr 5 Wednesday

National Read a Road Map Day

Apr 6 Thursday

National Sorry Charlie Day

Apr 20 Thursday

Get to Know Your Customers Day

Apr 23 Sunday

National Take a Chance Day

Apr 29 Saturday

National Zipper Day

Apr 30 Sunday

National Honesty Day

May 3 Wednesday

National Textiles Day

May 6 Saturday

International No Diet Day

May 6 Saturday

National Bombshells’ Day

May 6 Saturday

World Naked Gardening Day

May 14 Sunday

National Decency Day

May 15 Monday

National Nylon Stocking Day

May 16 Tuesday

National Piercing Day

May 17 Wednesday

National Pack Rat Day

May 20 Saturday

National Be a Millionaire Day

May 21 Sunday

National Memo Day

Jun 1 Thursday

National Nail Polish Day

Jun 4 Sunday

National Old Maids Day

Jun 6 Tuesday

National Eyewear Day

Jun 8 Thursday

National Upsy Daisy Day

Jun 16 Friday

National Flip Flop Day

Jun 18 Sunday

National Splurge Day

Jun 19 Monday

Sauntering Day

Jun 23 Friday

National Pink Day

Jun 26 Monday

National Beautician’s Day

Jun 27 Tuesday

National Sunglasses Day

Jun 30 Friday

National OOTD Day

Jul 2 Sunday

I Forgot Day

Jul 3 Monday

Compliment Your Mirror Day

Jul 5 Wednesday

National Bikini Day

Jul 14 Friday

National Nude Day

Jul 17 Monday

National Tattoo Day

Jul 20 Thursday

Get to Know Your Customers Day

Jul 29 Saturday

National Lipstick Day

Aug 5 Saturday

National Underwear Day

Aug 8 Tuesday

National Happiness Happens Day

Aug 10 Thursday

National Shapewear Day

Aug 17 Thursday

National Thrift Shop Day

Aug 19 Saturday

International Bow Day

Aug 21 Monday

National Brazilian Blowout Day

Aug 25 Friday

National Secondhand Wardrobe Day

Aug 28 Monday

National Bow Tie Day

Aug 29 Tuesday

According to Hoyle Day

Aug 31 Thursday

National Trail Mix Day

Sep 2 Saturday

World Beard Day

Sep 5 Tuesday

Be Late for Something Day

Sep 5 Tuesday

National Another Look Unlimited Day

Sep 6 Wednesday

Fight Procrastination Day

Sep 13 Wednesday

Positive Thinking Day

Sep 15 Friday

Make a Hat Day

Sep 15 Friday

National Felt Hat Day

Sep 22 Friday

National Legwear Day

Sep 23 Saturday

Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Sep 23 Saturday

National Singles Day

Sep 27 Wednesday

National Scarf Day

Sep 27 Wednesday

World Tourism Day

Sep 30 Saturday

National Mud Pack Day

Oct 1 Sunday

National Hair Day

Oct 1 Sunday

World Vegetarian Day

Oct 2 Monday

National Consignment Day

Oct 5 Thursday

Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day

Oct 6 Friday

National Plus Size Appreciation Day

Oct 6 Friday


Oct 10 Tuesday

National Handbag Day

Oct 11 Wednesday

National Curves Day

Oct 14 Saturday

Be Bald and Be Free Day

Oct 17 Tuesday

National Edge Day

Oct 17 Tuesday

Wear Something Gaudy Day

Oct 18 Wednesday

National No Beard Day

Oct 19 Thursday

Evaluate Your Life Day

Oct 19 Thursday

Get to Know Your Customers Day

Oct 20 Friday

National Suspenders Day

Oct 21 Saturday

Count your Buttons Day

Oct 23 Monday

National Croc Day

Oct 27 Friday

National Bandana Day

Oct 29 Sunday

National Hermit Day

Nov 1 Wednesday

World Vegan Day

Nov 3 Friday

Cliche Day

Nov 4 Saturday

Common Sense Day

Nov 5 Sunday

National Love Your Red Hair Day

Nov 5 Sunday

Zero Tasking Day

Nov 9 Thursday

Chaos Never Dies Day

Nov 11 Saturday

Singles Day

Nov 13 Monday

Odd Socks Day

Nov 16 Thursday

National Button Day

Nov 24 Friday

Buy Nothing Day

Nov 24 Friday

You’re Welcome Giving Day

Nov 25 Saturday

Shopping Reminder Day

Nov 29 Wednesday

National Package Protection Day

Dec 1 Friday

Faux Fur Friday

Dec 4 Monday

National Sock Day

Dec 4 Monday

Wear Brown Shoes Day

Dec 6 Wednesday

Mitten Tree Day

Dec 6 Wednesday

Put On Your Own Shoes Day

Dec 11 Monday

Green Monday

Dec 14 Thursday

Free Shipping Day

Dec 15 Friday

National Wear Your Pearls Day

Dec 19 Tuesday

National Emo Day

Dec 31 Sunday

Make Up Your Mind Day