International Tiara Day

International Tiara Day is a holiday observed annually on May 24th that encourages everyone to connect with their inner princess. Although most people think tiaras can only be worn during special occasions such as white-tie affairs, weddings, galas, or when meeting heads of state, the truth is that anyone can wear one of these jeweled headpieces regardless of the occasion or the person’s social status.

Want to eat ice cream while watching TV and wearing your tiara? How about doing grocery shopping while wearing your bejeweled headpiece? Both are certainly possible for everyone on this day.

The History of International Tiara Day

Barbara Bellissimo is generally regarded as the person who invented this holiday back in 2005. She chose May 24th for the holiday because it coincides with Queen Victoria’s birthday, which occurred in 1819.

The purpose of this holiday is to encourage women everywhere to wear a tiara and get in touch with their inner princesses, and as a result, their inner beauty. This holiday has been ardently observed ever since.

Observing International Tiara Day

Obviously, donning a tiara and wearing it for the day is one way to celebrate. Of course, since we understand that not everyone has one of these headpieces just lying around, women can also take the time to do anything that they feel makes them more elegant and beautiful.

This can be as simple as doing something for themselves for the day, perhaps a manicure or full-body massage. After all, a person doesn’t have to actually wear a tiara. Sometimes the tiara is on the inside.

With that said, we encourage people to inspire other women to find their inner beauty and grace by using the hashtag #InternationalTiaraDay online. Let’s all wear our tiaras this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 24 Friday
Next year (2025)
May 24 Saturday
Last year (2023)
May 24 Wednesday