World Television Day

World Television Day is an observance day that celebrates an electronic device that’s been an integral part of civilization for the past 8+ decades. Television has revolutionized the world and that’s why this observance is held every year.

This holiday is observed on November 21st each year and encourages everyone to learn more about the humble television, spend some well-earned quality time vegging out in front of it, or simply by celebrating its existence.

There is probably no device that’s as ubiquitous to everyone’s home as the television, as it’s estimated that almost 96% of all American households have at least one TV in it. So, let’s all come together and celebrate this observance day.

The History Of World Television Day

World Television Day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996. The date of this celebration was timed to coincide with the commemoration of the first World Television Forum — an event that was also observed during that year.

The purpose of this forum was to discuss the importance of television and how it plays a vital role in many people’s lives all over the world. The forum also discussed how television can have a significant impact on people’s ideas about the world.

Amazing Facts About Televisions

Who is looking forward to some fun facts about televisions? If you just said yes, then have a seat because we’ve found quite a few nice television facts that we feel everyone will be able to appreciate. Let’s take a quick look at these facts before we all resume sitting in front of our own TVs.

  • Approximately 66% of American households have at least 3 televisions.
  • Half of Americans pay for cable in the U.S.
  • The average person who is 65 years old will have seen over two million TV commercials during their life.
  • It’s estimated that the average American will have seen approximately 200,000 fictional murders by the time they reach 18 years old.
  • It’s been estimated that there are currently almost 300 million TV sets in the U.S.

Observing World Television Day

This is a month that everyone can participate in celebrating. It’s estimated that approximately 79% of the world’s population has at least one television set, with the vast majority of these televisions being in the developed world.

That means that approximately 1.4 billion households in the world have at least one TV set. All of these people can observe this day by learning more about the history of TV, the best shows to ever come out during the Golden Age of Television and spreading the word about this month using the hashtag #WorldTelevisionDay.

When is it?
This year (2023)
November 21 Tuesday
Next year (2024)
November 21 Thursday
Last year (2022)
November 21 Monday
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