World Television Day

Observed on November 21th around the world, World Television Day is a day started by the United Nations to acknowledge the role that television has played in society as it delivers to us information and news that is vitally important to large groups of people. It’s a day for governments, news organizations and individuals to renew their commitments to keep TV media unbiased and to combat the growing trend of “Fake News.” Television can not only raise awareness about issues affecting people and countries all over the globe but it can also get vital information out to the people who need it.

History of World Television Day

This observance day can be traced back to November 21 & November 22, 1996, when the U.N. held the first World Television Forum. This forum allowed media figures to meet and discuss the importance of TV in not only delivering information but also in changing the world. Today, television plays an important role in all threats to security and peace by focusing the world’s attention on conflicts and problems all over the globe.

Celebrating This Observance Day

On this day, a variety people get together to promote World Television Day. This includes writers, journalists and bloggers who spread word of this day through broadcast media, through the print media and even through social media. Schools may invite guest speakers to their classrooms to talk about media and communication issues, as well. And many conferences and lectures all over the world are held on this day to outline the importance of television to democracy, peace and world stability. It is also a day in which people can work to keep their media outlets accountable.


This day highlights the links that exist between the broadcast media and not only social, economic and political developments but to democracy as a whole. Television not only provides all of us with vital information about our world, but it also helps to strengthen our democracies by getting this information directly into the hands of the people. As a result, TV media should not only be recognized for its contributions but should also be strengthened whenever possible. Which is why World Television Day is observed every year.

Where is World Television Day celebrated?

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