International Women’s Day

Originally organized by the Socialist Party of America in 1909 to commemorate and honor women the women who took part in the 1908 International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union Strike, it has grown to a day of appreciation and respect for all the social, economic and social accomplishments women have achieved. This day is observed worldwide on March 8th.

The traditional way to celebrate this holiday is to spend time with friends and family. Usually gifts are given to the female members of the family, including wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers. These gifts can be as simple as giving them a card, a bouquet of flowers or chocolate, or it can be as complex as undertaking all of the woman’s chores or looking after their children for that day. The day may also be celebrated with music, a large feast and the imbibing of champagne or wine.

In Italy, it is common for men to give women yellow mimosas on that day. In Portugal, it is common for women to have a ‘girl’s night out’ with their female friends. And in other parts of the world, the gift of giving women flowers has been extended from the women of the family and now in many cases include female employees and teachers.

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