International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day, is a day that is celebrated on September 21st to acknowledge and show appreciation for all of those who worked to promote peace and end conflict, whether it is in their home country or in the world.

It is also a day in which warring factions, both of a political and a personal nature, are supposed to put away their differences – for one day – and call a cease-fire of hostilities.

History of International Day of Peace

In 1981, the United Nations’ General Assembly passed a resolution making the third Tuesday of September each year International Day of Peace. In 2001, the United Nations decided that International Day of Peace should be observed on the 21st of September instead and set the observance of that day starting the following year. After setting this date, the U.N then decided that this day should be a global cease-fire day.

International Day of Peace Customs & Traditions

People all over the world celebrate International Day of Peace in a variety of different ways. These include planting trees for peace, lighting candles and holding candle light vigils, attending peace-related art exhibits and going for peace walks. People may also attend various public events such as public speeches and concerts.

Where is International Day of Peace celebrated?

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