August 17 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Flag Day Bolivia Observance
Independence Day Gabon Public Holiday
National Nonprofit Day - Unofficial (Appreciation & Honor, Awareness & Cause)
National I LOVE My Feet Day! - Unofficial (Health & Body)
National Thrift Shop Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
Black Cat Appreciation Day - Unofficial (Animals)
Slovenians in Prekmurje Incorporated into the Mother Nation Day Slovenia Observance

Historical Events on August 17

  • 1862: Major General J. E. B. Stuart is given command of all the cavalry of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War on this day.
  • 1862: During the American Indian Wars, the Dakota War of 1862 begins on this day in Minnesota. It begins when Lakota warrior strike out at white settlements along the Minnesota River.
  • 1863: Union ships bombard Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina during the American Civil War.
  • 1908: The first animated cartoon, Fantasmagorie by Émile Cohl, is given a showing in Paris, France.
  • 1914: During the Battle of Stallupönen during WWI, General Hermann von François leads German forces against a Russian force commanded by Paul von Rennenkampf.
  • 1915: When a 13-year old girl is murdered in Marietta, Georgia, a Jewish-American named Leo Frank is blamed for it and lynched by a mob.
  • 1942: During World War II, United States Marines attack the Pacific island that is held by Japanese forces called Makin.
  • 1943: 60 American bombers are lost by the U.S 8th Air Force during their raid on the Schweinfurt–Regensburg mission.
  • 1943: The Royal Air Force undertakes Operation Hydra – the first air raid against Germany’s V-rocket program.
  • 1943: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and William Lyon Mackenzie King attend the First Québec Conference during World War II.
  • 1970: Venera 7 is launched by the Soviet Union from Baikonur Cosmodrome. This spacecraft will eventually become the first craft to transmit from another planet when it transmits from Venus.
  • 1977: The first surface ship to reach the North Pole is the Soviet vessel Arktika.
  • 1998: United States President Bill Clinton admits that he had an improper sexual relationship with then White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Famous Birthdays on August 17

  • American actress and screenwriter Mae West is born in 1893.
  • American general and engineer Leslie Groves is born in 1896.
  • American journalist and politician Mary Cain is born in 1904.
  • American actor and director Robert De Niro is born in 1943.
  • French Pianist and conductor Jean-Bernard Pommier is born in 1944.
  • American author, poet and teacher Rachel Pollak is born in 1945.
  • American screenwriter, director and producer Martha Coolidge is born in 1946.

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