Flag Day in Bolivia

Many of the countries of the world celebrate their flag by placing a Flag Day on their calendar. And that’s no different for Bolivia. They celebrate their Flag Day on the 17th of August because that is the day on which their flag was created in 1825. The Bolivian flag is a rectangular tricolor that consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width.

The stripe on the top, the red one, symbolized the blood that was shed by the people of the country as they struggled for independence. The stripe in the middle, the yellow one, symbolized the resources of Bolivia. And finally, the bottom green stripe represents the abundance of nature.

The History Of Flag Day In Bolivia

Eleven days after Bolivia declared independence from Spain, a new national flag was adopted for the country on August 17th, 1825. This flag was made with red and green stripes with a yellow star on the red and surrounded by a green wreath.

On July 25th, 1826, the Bolivian Flag adopted had horizontal stripes of yellow, red, and green and a coat of arms in the center of it. On November 5, 1851, the order of the stripes was changed to red, yellow, and green. A few more designs were introduced and adopted over the years, but the modern-day flag would be adopted on July 14th, 1888.

Observing Flag Day In Bolivia

Because Flag Day isn’t a public holiday, businesses and government offices have normal operating hours. It’s also a normal working day and all public transportation operates on its daily schedule.

It is a holiday on which the Bolivian Flag is prominently displayed, however, and that’s evident by the appearance of it on people’s homes, on businesses, and on government buildings. It’s also a day for the Bolivian people to learn more about their country and their heritage.

Where is it celebrated?
Bolivia (Observance)
When is it?
This year (2023)
August 17 Thursday
Next year (2024)
August 17 Saturday
Last year (2022)
August 17 Wednesday