Fishermen’s Holiday

Fishermen’s Holiday, also known as Fishermen’s Day, is a holiday that’s observed annually on the first Friday in July. It’s a day that’s observed on the Marshall Islands and celebrates one of the most important jobs in this chain of volcanic islands. Since the archipelago was first populated, fishing was one of the best ways to get food, and it remains to this day one of the most important economic activities that are performed.

Even so, this holiday hasn’t been around for a long time and has only been observed for the past 40+ years. Nowadays, this holiday is a day for fishing competitions, eating plenty of fresh fish and other activities.

The History Of Fishermen’s Holiday In The Marshall Islands

This holiday can be traced all the way back to 1981 when four friends founded the Marshalls Billfish Club. These four friends were Wally Milne, Tom Micheals, Ronnie Reimers, and Ramsey Reimers. They founded the club so that they could be invited to the Hawaiian Invitational Billfish Tournament Championship that took place in Kona, Hawaii.

During their first tournament, they won a 700+ pound marlin that was one of the biggest fish in the competition. Needless to say, they won the competition, and they then parlayed that success into creating their own tournament. Endorsed by the government of the Marshall Islands, the tournament was first held in July of 1982. It’s since been an important competition. So important that it led to the creation of the Fishermen’s Holiday.

Observing Fishermen’s Holiday In The Marshall Islands

On this holiday, several fishing tournaments are held and people not only enjoy the sport of fishing but also enjoy the bounties that they pull from the sea. People also take the time to spend time with friends and family members.

It’s a great day for seafood, the ocean, and enjoying some of the beautiful beaches of the Marshall Islands.  The hashtag #FishermensHoliday can be used on social media to advertise this fishing holiday.

Where is it celebrated?
Marshall Islands (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
July 7 Friday
Next year (2024)
July 5 Friday
Last year (2022)
July 1 Friday