November 5 holidays in 2023

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Colon Day Panama National Holiday
National Doughnut Day - (Food & Drinks)
National Love Your Red Hair Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
Guy Fawkes Night New Zealand Observance
Guy Fawkes Day United Kingdom Observance
Zero Tasking Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
American Football Day - Unofficial (Sports)

Historical Events on November 5

  • 1780: Chief of the Miami people – Mihšihkinaahkwa or Little Turtle – defeats French-American troops which are led by Colonel LaBalme.
  • 1831: American slave leader Nat Turner is tried, convicted and sentenced to death for leading the slave rebellion in Virginia.
  • 1862: George B. McClellan is removed as the commander of the Army of the Potomac by American President Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1862: Over 300 Dakota warriors are found guilty of murdering and raping whites in Minnesota. As a result, they are sentenced to hang. However, only about 38 are hung—the others are given a reprieve.
  • 1895: The first United States patent for an automobile is granted to George B. Selden.
  • 1911: Italy annexes Cyrenaica and Tripoli.
  • 1914: Britain and France declare war on the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1940: The German cruiser Admiral Scheer sinks the British armed merchant cruiser known as the HMS Jervis Bay during World War II.
  • 2006: Former Iraq president Saddam Hussein, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikrit and Awad Hamed al-Bandar are all sentenced to death for their roles in the 1982 massacre of 148 Shi’a Muslims.
  • 2007: Chang’e 1 – the first lunar satellite launched by China – orbits the moon.
  • 2007: Google unveils its Android mobile operating system.
  • 2009: United States Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan goes on a mass shooting at a military installation in Fort Hood, Texas. 13 people are killed and 32 are wounded.
  • 2013: India launches its first inter-planetary probe: the Mars Orbiter Mission.

Famous Birthdays on November 5

  • American actress Marie Osborne Yeats is born in 1911.
  • American actor, singer and guitarist, Roy Rogers is born in 1911.
  • British actress Vivian Lee is born in 1913.
  • American economist and Nobel Prize laureate, Douglass North is born in 1920.
  • American basketball player Bill Walton is born in 1952.
  • American journalist and author Joyce Maynard is born in 1953.
  • American actor Robert Patrick is born in 1958.
  • Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams is born in 1958.
  • English actress Tilda Swinton is born in 1960.
  • American actor Sam Rockwell is born in 1968.

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Good Friday

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Memorial Day

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