Put On Your Own Shoes Day

Put On Your Own Shoes Day is one of the strangest holidays that most people have never heard about. This holiday is observed on December 6th every year and as its name implies, it’s intended to encourage everyone to put on their own shoes. We’re unsure of whether this is in the literal sense, or if it’s a metaphor to encourage people to pick themselves up and get something accomplished. Since we don’t know who invented this holiday or when it was invented, we’re unsure of the intention behind the creation of it. However, we do find it interesting that this holiday falls on the same day (or sometimes the day after) as Saint Nicholas Day—a holiday that’s observed in Western Christian countries and is observed by leaving shoes out to be filled with treats by St. Nick.

Fun Facts About Shoes

Since we’re talking about a holiday that concerns itself with shoes, we thought that we’d go ahead and talk about the subject of this holiday. Below are some of the fun facts that we’ve learned about shoes while we were researching Put On Your Shoes Day.

Heels Were Originally Designed For Men’s Shoes

Although many people consider high heels to be something found on women’s shoes, heels were originally designed for women’s shoes. They were worn by cavalry in ancient Persia and helped the rider’s boots stay in the stirrups during long rides. Heels would then spread through Europe and eventually became associated with women’s shoes.

Rubber Soled Shoes Were Called Sneaks During The 19th Century

Rubber-soled shoes during the 19th century were called sneaks because they allowed people to move quietly. Over time, the name was changed to sneakers and applied as a name for tennis shoes. The word has been associated with tennis shoes ever since.

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers Sold For A Whole Lot

In 2000, one of the original pairs of ruby slippers that were worn by Judy Garland during the classic film the Wizard Of Oz, sold at auction for over $660,000. That’s a lot of money for a pair of slippers that were worn in a movie from 1939-don’t you think?

Observing Put On Your Shoes Day

Obviously, the best way for people to observe this holiday is by putting on a pair of shoes. At least, that’s the literal way to celebrate it. People can also feel free to use the phrase “putting on your shoes” to mean getting up and finishing something they’ve always wanted to finish. This is also a good day for parents to begin teaching their children to put on their own shoes and tying them. While everyone is observing this odd holiday, they should be sure to use the hashtag #PutOnYourShoesDay to spread this holiday all over the Internet.

When is it?
This year (2023)
December 6 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
December 6 Friday
Last year (2022)
December 6 Tuesday