New Home Owners Day

Every May 1st is observed as New Home Owners Day. It’s a day for people to celebrate the achievement of them realizing their dream of home ownership and the security that it provides for them and their families. A house is not just a place where people keep their stuff and sleep, it’s a home where they raise their families and live their lives.

It’s literally where life happens for most people. And that’s more than enough reason for people to celebrate owning their first home. This is especially true for people who have to follow a long road to actually be able to afford their first home.

The History Of New Home Owners Day

National Home Owners Day is a holiday that was created very recently. It was created back in 2020 by Paisley Vartanian — founder and managing member of Assistant RealEstate. She proclaimed that the holiday is observed on December 26th every year, and there is a version of this holiday that’s observed on that day.

However, it seems much of the main thrust of this holiday is now being observed on the 1st of May. We’re unsure of why this holiday migrated to this holiday, but if we find out, we’ll let everyone know in this space.

Observing New Home Owners Day

This is a great day for new homeowners to throw a little party in their brand-new homes. It’s a day to invite everyone over, serve drinks and snacks, and maybe even serve dinner. Other people may want to take New Home Owners Day in a different direction, however.

They may want to plan a more intimate affair that’s attended by only the people in the home. No matter what a person decides to do, they can still take the time to let the world know they have a new home by using the hashtag #NewHomeOwnersDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 1 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
May 1 Thursday
Last year (2023)
May 1 Monday
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