International I Hate Coriander Day

Every February 24th is observed as I Hate Coriander Day. This is a day for everyone who hates this ancient herb to come together and share their contempt for it. Why do so many people hate coriander? That’s because coriander is one of the most divisive herbs in the world.

While fans of this herb have called it fresh and citrusy, those who hate it have described it as dirty or soapy tasting. Of course, it doesn’t matter why a person doesn’t like this herb; it only matters that they want to take the time to share their hatred of it with others. And that’s why this holiday is becoming increasingly popular with people all over the world.

The History of I Hate Coriander Day

This holiday started in 2013 when a simple Facebook group called I Hate Coriander went live. The purpose of this group was to allow coriander haters to come together and express how much they dislike it.

It eventually grew into a group of almost a quarter of a million people, which just goes to show that there are a lot of people who hate coriander. According to a recent study, a gene called OR6A2 is responsible for people not liking this herb. This gene affects the olfactory receptors, and people who have this gene tend to have a strong dislike for coriander.

Some Quick Facts About Coriander

We don’t want people hating coriander without at least giving it a fair shake. After all, that wouldn’t be very fair, would it? So we not only encourage people to at least try coriander one time before they condemn it but also to check out the following quick facts.

  • Coriander dates back to at least 1550 B.C. and is even mentioned in the Bible.
  • Coriander was placed in the tombs of the pharaohs.
  • The name “coriander” means “stink bug” in Greek.
  • Coriander allegedly helps regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics, lowers cholesterol, and helps with joint inflammation.
  • Coriander is also supposed to help with skin inflammation as well.
  • Coriander is one of the most widely used herbs in the world.
  • Cilantro is the fresh leaves of the coriander plant, while coriander is used for the name of the seeds.

Observing I Hate Coriander Day

Anyone with a strong enough dislike for coriander to actually observe this holiday will likely find people to celebrate it with them.

They can join the Facebook group I Hate Coriander, or they can take their coriander-hating to other social media platforms using the hashtag #IhateCorianderDay. And, they can also take the time to avoid coriander, although if they hate it this much, they’re probably already doing that anyway.

When is it?
This year (2024)
February 24 Saturday
Next year (2025)
February 24 Monday
Last year (2023)
February 24 Friday
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