I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

January 7th is observed annually as I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day. As the name of this holiday suggests, it’s a day for people to stand up for their true, authentic selves. It’s also a day for people to stand up against those who want to change them into something they’re not.

In other words, it’s a day for people to take control of their lives and figure out how they’re going to live them. However, this might be somewhat of a challenge for some people, so a little more effort may be needed for them to change course.

The History of I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day

Currently, we’re unsure who invented this holiday or when it was invented. It seems like it’s been around for quite a few years now, although we’re unable to pinpoint exactly how long.

We think the name of this holiday is taken from the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Going to Take It,” a song that was released in 1984. Now, we don’t think that this holiday is that old, but we do think it’s been around for a while.

Ways That People Can Speak Up for Themselves

We wanted to be more helpful in our explanation of this holiday than just telling people to stand up for themselves. After all, that’s pretty easy to say but can be a whole lot harder to put into practice.

That’s why we’ve decided to list some concrete tips that might help people find their own way of standing up for themselves. We’ve included these tips below and truly hope that they prove useful.

  • Learn that saying “no” can be a positive thing, especially when it comes to your boundaries.
  • Saying no to things that make you uncomfortable can be a great way to stand up for yourself.
  • Stand up straight, avoid slouching, and make eye contact while speaking. Even if it’s difficult.
  • There’s no need to apologize for maintaining your boundaries.
  • Think about how you may be giving too much of yourself. Remember to maintain balance.
  • Know when to make an exit, either from the room or from a toxic relationship.

Observing I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day

How should a person observe this holiday? The way people can observe it is to find ways that they can stand up for themselves.

And we understand that might not be easy. There are a multitude of reasons why people don’t stand up for themselves, including being raised by strict parents or being in an abusive relationship.

In those circumstances, it can be difficult for a person to stand up for themselves, but the effort still has to be made. We’ve included some tips above that people can use to learn how to speak up for themselves.

When is it?
This year (2024)
January 7 Sunday
Next year (2025)
January 7 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
January 7 Saturday
Relationships & Family, Work & Occupation