Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

Pancake Day is a day that is celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, also known as Shrove Tuesday. This day has been associated with consuming fatty and rich foods that one couldn’t normally eat during Lent. Today, it is not only a religious holiday but is also known for many pancake restaurants giving out free pancakes on this day, most notably International House of Pancakes.


Pancake Day was officially a pagan holiday designed to help the god of fertility overcome the power of cold and darkness. During this festival, practitioners would make pancakes Рwhich were a symbol of the sun. By eating these pancakes, they believed they got the power, warmth and light of the sun.

In 2006, IHOP began to gave out free pancakes to those customers who donated money to various charities. This tradition has been very successful and has made millions of dollars for all different types of non-profit agencies.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to either enjoy some pancakes at home for breakfast or going down and getting free pancakes from one of the waffle houses that give out this tasty breakfast treat. And if you are feeling particularly inspired, you can create your own pancake themed dish or dessert.

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