National Pancake Day

Although pancakes are widely believed to be a breakfast food, they can actually be eaten at any time of the day. They’re also one of the most widely accepted comfort foods available, and millions of people enjoy them every year.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this breakfast food has its own holiday, and that holiday falls on September 26, known as National Pancake Day. We suggest everyone grab a pat of butter and their favorite syrup and enjoy this holiday in style.

The History of National Pancake Day

To be honest, this holiday didn’t start off with the intention of it being National Pancake Day. When Marianne Ways and Collen AF Venable started this day, their intention was for it to be called Lumberjack Day.

They came up with this concept because they had just participated in Talk Like A Pirate Day, and they were looking for an excuse to do something a little bit different. Since they had so much fun with Talk Like A Pirate Day, they thought it would be equally fun to dress up like lumberjacks and eat pancakes all day.

However, as the day went on, they realized that while the novelty of pretending to be a lumberjack quickly wore off, the pleasure of eating pancakes all day came to the forefront. And that’s why this day flipped from Lumberjack Day to National Pancake Day.

Of course, September 26 isn’t the only day that National Pancake Day falls on. It also happens to fall on February 25 every year as well. So if a person manages to miss one of these holidays, they can always catch the other one and enjoy a heaping stack of pancakes.

How To Celebrate National Pancake Day

Celebrating National Pancake Day is easier than celebrating just about any other holiday on the calendar. All you have to do is buy and eat your favorite pancakes. That shouldn’t be too hard, considering that many pancake restaurants give their customers free pancakes if they come in on this day.

If you’re having problems deciding what type of pancakes you want to eat, then you can always pull one of the pancakes off the following list. We’ve listed some of the more popular pancakes eaten on this day so that everyone can enjoy the holiday to its fullest. Let’s take a quick look at some of these pancakes.

Depending on how the pancakes are dressed, they can be served either as a savory breakfast item or as a sweet dessert. Anything is possible on National Pancake Day.

Top Types Of Pancakes:

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 26 Thursday
Next year (2025)
September 26 Friday
Last year (2023)
September 26 Tuesday
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