National Edge Day

National Edge Day is a holiday that has been observed since 1999 and is designed for people who are living a straight edge lifestyle. Straight edge lifestyles are characterized by avoiding the use of recreational drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. This lifestyle began as a reaction to the excesses of the punk subculture and has slowly but steadily gained support over the years. The holiday is observed annually on October 17th and is also known as 10/17 Day. For those interested in observing this holiday and perhaps starting their journey into the straight-edge lifestyle, they can begin by giving up alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

The History of National Edge Day

National Edge Day began in 1999. It started as a straight edge event held in Boston and was known as Edge Fest. From those humble beginnings, it has become a national holiday and has been celebrated ever since. The straight-edge movement took their name from the song “Straight Edge” by Minor Threat—the 80s hardcore punk band.

Some Interesting Facts About Straight Edge Culture

As we researched this holiday, we found out a lot about the straight-edge subculture, and we wanted to share some of that information with our readers so they will have it for their straight-edge celebrations. Below are some of the things we’ve found out and would now like to share.

  • Some straight-edge participants not only consider living this lifestyle a personal choice but also an ethical one.
  • Straight edge isn’t just about abstaining from drugs and alcohol; it’s also about showing respect for your body. This includes healthy eating and exercising regularly.
  • People living a straight-edge lifestyle also often try to reduce or eliminate their consumption of meat and/or animal products.
  • Straight edge practitioners often place an “X” on the back of their hand or on an article of clothing.
  • It is considered rude or insulting to offer drugs, tobacco, or alcohol to someone with an “X” on their hand.
  • Straight edge is not only about abstinence but also about the music.
  • Some straight-edge participants won’t use prescription or over-the-counter drugs either.
  • We recommend that anyone living a straight-edge lifestyle continue to take medications prescribed by their doctors.

Observing National Edge Day

People who want to observe this holiday do so by abstaining from tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drugs. Some take it even further by not consuming caffeine, engaging in promiscuous sex, or eating meat, but not everyone will want to do that. Some use this holiday to push themselves to their limits in other ways—such as mountain climbing, hiking, or engaging in other physical activities. It’s also a good day for people to expand their knowledge and enjoy music or culture.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 17 Thursday
Next year (2025)
October 17 Friday
Last year (2023)
October 17 Tuesday
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