National Splurge Day

National Splurge Day is a holiday celebrated on June 18th every year. It’s a day when the usual advice of living within your means is temporarily set aside, allowing people to go out and splurge on themselves or their loved ones. Splurging, by definition, means spending money on luxury items or for personal pleasure. This could be something as simple as dining at your favorite restaurant or as extravagant as purchasing a new sports car. It all depends on how much a person has and their personal definition of splurging.

The History of National Splurge Day

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith is the person who invented National Splurge Day back in 1994. She hails from Chicago and has dubbed herself “America’s Premier Eventologist.” She earned this title because she has created more than 1,900 different holidays, including not only National Splurge Day but also Lost Penny Day, Hug A G.I. Day, and International Skeptics Day.

The History of Celebrity Splurging

We wanted to create a trivia section that provided information on splurging, but every idea we had was too dull, so we had to think hard about what we would enjoy reading in a trivia section. We realized that we were curious about what celebrities spend their money on. That’s why we’ve decided to detail some of the most interesting and, at times, outrageous splurges that celebrities have made.

  • U2 frontman Bono once spent $700 to buy his hat a seat on an airplane.
  • Taylor Swift owns two private jets, each costing more than $44 million.
  • Beyonc√© & Jay-Z have spent upwards of $20,000+ a night during a trip to Paris.
  • Lady Gaga spent $47,000 on a portable ghost detector.
  • Rihanna has spent as much as $300,000 a week renting a yacht.
  • Katy Perry bought her then-husband a $200,000 ticket for a Virgin Galactic flight to space.
  • Barbra Streisand transformed her basement into a shopping mall.
  • In a two-year period, Elton John once spent almost $300,000 at a florist.

How to Celebrate National Splurge Day

Even though most people can’t splurge the way celebrities do, they can still celebrate National Splurge Day. They can do this by treating themselves to a nice dinner or a bottle of wine that they wouldn’t normally buy. They can also celebrate by purchasing a new dress or suit, or perhaps, a new car or piece of jewelry. Regardless of how it’s celebrated, anyone observing this day should use the hashtag #NationalSplurgeDay on social media to let everyone know they’re treating themselves to something special.

When is it?
This year (2024)
June 18 Tuesday
Next year (2025)
June 18 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
June 18 Sunday
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