Date Name Topic
Jan 1 Sunday

National Hobby Month

Jan 10 Tuesday

National Shop for Travel Day

Jan 14 Saturday

Organize Your Home Day

Jan 17 Tuesday

Kid Inventors' Day

Jan 18 Wednesday

National Thesaurus Day

Jan 23 Monday

National Handwriting Day

Jan 25 Wednesday

National Library Shelfie Day

Jan 28 Saturday

International Lego Day

Jan 29 Sunday

National Puzzle Day

Jan 30 Monday

National Draw A Dinosaur Day

Jan 31 Tuesday

National Backward Day

Feb 1 Wednesday

US Snow Sculpting Week

Feb 2 Thursday

Play Your Ukulele Day

Feb 8 Wednesday

National Boy Scouts Day

Feb 25 Saturday

World Sword Swallowers Day

Feb 28 Tuesday

National Floral Design Day

Mar 11 Saturday

National Worship of Tools Day

Mar 14 Tuesday

National Children’s Craft Day

Mar 14 Tuesday

National Write Down Your Story Day

Mar 18 Saturday

National Quilting Day

Mar 29 Wednesday

Smoke and Mirrors Day

Mar 31 Friday

National Crayon Day

Apr 1 Saturday

National Handmade Day

Apr 9 Sunday

National Cherish an Antique Day

Apr 23 Sunday

World Pinhole Photography Day

Apr 29 Saturday

Astronomy Day

May 6 Saturday

National Homebrew Day

May 6 Saturday

National Scrapbook Day

May 16 Tuesday

National Sea Monkey Day

May 22 Monday

National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

May 25 Thursday

Geek Pride Day

May 26 Friday

National Paper Airplane Day

May 30 Tuesday

National Creativity Day

Jun 6 Tuesday

National Gardening Exercise Day

Jun 13 Tuesday

International Axe Throwing Day

Jun 15 Thursday

Nature Photography Day

Jun 17 Saturday

World Juggling Day

Jun 21 Wednesday

National Day of the Gong

Jun 21 Wednesday

National Seashell Day

Jun 30 Friday

National Meteor Watch Day

Jul 10 Monday

National Clerihew Day

Jul 13 Thursday

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Jul 17 Monday

Wrong Way Corrigan Day

Jul 25 Tuesday

National Threading the Needle Day

Jul 31 Monday

Uncommon Musical Instrument Day

Aug 2 Wednesday

National Coloring Book Day

Aug 15 Tuesday

National Leathercraft Day

Aug 19 Saturday

World Photo Day

Sep 14 Thursday

National Live Creative Day

Sep 15 Friday

International Dot Day

Sep 15 Friday

Make a Hat Day

Sep 16 Saturday

Collect Rocks Day

Sep 22 Friday

Astronomy Day

Oct 3 Tuesday

National Techies Day

Oct 4 Wednesday

Ship In A Bottle Day

Oct 7 Saturday

Card Making Day

Oct 14 Saturday

I Love Yarn Day

Oct 14 Saturday

National Chess Day

Oct 31 Tuesday

National Magic Day

Nov 6 Monday

Saxophone Day

Nov 11 Saturday

Origami Day

Nov 16 Thursday

National Button Day

Nov 22 Wednesday

Tie One On Day

Nov 24 Friday

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Nov 29 Wednesday

National Square Dancing Day

Dec 2 Saturday

Global Fat Bike Day

Dec 4 Monday

Santa's List Day

Dec 5 Tuesday

World Trick Shot Day

Dec 9 Saturday

Weary Willie Day