August 2 holidays in 2021

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Coloring Book Day
- Weird
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
- Weird
Kadooment Day
Barbados Public Holiday
Festival Monday
British virgin islands Public Holiday
Heritage Day
Canada (Alberta) Common Local Holiday
Civic/Provincial Day
Canada (Northwest Territories, Nunavut) Multiple Types
Saskatchewan Day
Canada (Saskatchewan) Common Local Holiday
Terry Fox Day
Canada (Manitoba) Local Observance
New Brunswick Day
Canada (New Brunswick) Common Local Holiday
British Columbia Day
Canada (British Columbia) Common Local Holiday
Natal Day
Canada (Nova Scotia) Common Local Holiday
Our Lady of Los Ángeles
Costa rica Observance
Emancipation Day
Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Emancipation Day observed
Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
New South Wales Bank Holiday
Australia (New South Wales) State Holiday
Northern Territory Picnic Day
Australia (Northern Territory) State Holiday
Youth Day
Kiribati Public Holiday
Gualdalcanal Province Day observed
Solomon islands Local Holiday
National Children's Day
Tuvalu Public Holiday
Summer Bank Holiday (only Alderney)
Guernsey Common Local Holiday
Commerce Day
Iceland National Holiday
Bank Holiday
Iceland National Holiday
August Bank Holiday
Ireland National Holiday
Republic Day
North Macedonia National Holiday
Summer Bank Holiday
United kingdom (Scotland) Common Local Holiday

Historical Events on August 2

  • 338 BC: Philip II of Macedon defeats armies from both Athens and Thebes during the Battle of Chaeronea.
  • 216 BC: Hannibal leads the Carthaginian Army against the Roman Army during the Second Punic War.
  • 1776: 56 delegates formally sign the United States Declaration of Independence.
  • 1790: The first United States census was conducted revealing a U.S population of over 3.9 million people and almost 700,000 slaves.
  • 1832: The Black Hawk War ends in the United States when 1300 Illinois militia militarily defeat members of the Sauk and Fox Native American tribes at the Battle of Bad Axe.
  • 1858: The Indian Government is transferred to the British Crown from the East India Company.
  • 1929: A heat wave strikes portions of Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma producing drought conditions and driving temperatures over 100-degrees.
  • 1934: After the death of German President Paul Von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler becomes Germany’s President and Chancellor – otherwise known as the Fuhrer.
  • 1937: The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is passed in the United States making all forms of marijuana illegal.
  • 1943: Future U.S President John F. Kennedy saved members of his crew when the ship he was Lieutenant of, the PT-109, was sunk by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri while it was on patrol near the Solomon Islands.
  • 1949:S. Comedian Bob Hope is bucked off of a fake steed on a Hollywood set while he was working on a movie.
  • 1964: Three North Vietnamese torpedo boats attack the United States Destroyer Maddox at the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Northern Vietnam.
  • 1980: Right wing terrorists explode a bomb in a waiting room at a railway station in Bologna, Italy. The resulting blast kills over 70 people and wounds more than 200 others.

Famous Birthdays on August 2

  • Swiss scholar Theodor Zwinger is born in 1533
  • Dutch painter Samuel Dircksz van Hoogstraten is born in 1627
  • Electrical engineer Elisha Grey is born in 1835
  • French classical architect Nicolas de Pigage is born in 1723
  • British Poet Ernest C. Dowson is born in 1867

Father’s Day

Bastille Day

Labor Day




Giving Tuesday