Vlogging Day

Vlogging Day is a holiday that’s observed annually on August 10th and is dedicated to those creative individuals who are making video blogs. Vlogs have become a popular way of presenting informative and/or entertaining information. These videos can be educational, comical, or criticisms of art or politics.

Through their hard work and persistence, vloggers build an audience and help to disseminate information across the Internet, sometimes even earning a living while doing so. This holiday was created to bring vloggers and fans together and perhaps inspire a new generation of people to try their hand at this medium.

The History Of Vlogging Day

Vlogging Day was founded in 2018 by Summer in the City — the United Kingdom’s largest online video festival — on its 10-year anniversary. This is a holiday that encouraged more people to share their experiences with the world. This holiday has been observed ever since and will continue to be observed for as long as vlogging continues to be an important medium.

Some Amazing Facts About Vlogging

Below are some facts about vlogging that we feel everyone should know about. We ran into these facts while we were researching Vlogging Day and we think that people will appreciate them. So without dragging our feet any more than we already have, allow us to present the following vlogging facts to anyone and everyone interested in them.

  • At the time of this article, one of the most successful vloggers is PewDiePie. He had 111 million subscribers.
  • Every minute of every day, over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.
  • Every day, over 5 billion videos are watched per day.
  • Approximately a billion daily watched videos are watched on mobile devices.

Observing Vlogging Day

This holiday can be observed by learning more about vlogging, or by trying your hand at vlogging by uploading a sample video. People can also spread the word about this holiday online using the hashtag #VloggingDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 10 Saturday
Next year (2025)
August 10 Sunday
Last year (2023)
August 10 Thursday
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