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Tiradentes Day


San Jacinto Day

United States (Texas)

National Kindergarten Day


National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day


National Yellow Bat Day



Switzerland (Zurich)

Easter Monday


Orthodox Easter Monday


St. George's Day

Canada (Newfoundland And Labrador)

Patriot's Day

United States (Maine, Massachusetts)

Queen's Birthday


Spring Festival


Family Day


Dyngus day

Historical Events on April 21

  • 1836: Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna is defeated by Sam Houston and his Texan forces at the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution.
  • 1898: The U.S Navy begins a blockade on Cuban ports during the Spanish American War.
  • 1914: The United States Navy intercepts a German arms shipment to Mexico during the Ypiranga Incident.
  • 1918: Manfred von Richthofen – German fighter ace better known as the Red Baron – is shot down and killed over France.
  • 1945: Germany’s High Command HQ south of Berlin is attacked by Soviet troops during World War II.
  • 1952: The holiday known as Secretary’s Day is celebrated for the first time. It’s now known as Administrative Professionals’ Day.
  • 1962: The first World’s Fair in the U.S since WWII opens in Seattle on this day. It’s known as the Century 21 Exposition.
  • 1985: The white supremacist group known as The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA) gives up to federal authorities after a two-day long siege.
  • 1989: Over one hundred thousand students gather in Tiananmen Square to commemorate Hu Yaobang.
  • 1992: Two extra-solar planets are discovered by Dale Frail and Aleksander Wolszczan. They were found orbiting PSR 1257 +12. a pulsar star.
  • 2004: Over seventy people are killed and another hundred and sixty are wounded in Basra after 5 suicide car bombers attack police stations.

Famous Birthdays on April 21

  • English novelist and poet, Charlotte Bronte is born in 1816.
  • Danish lieutenant and Nobel Prize laureate, Fredrik Bajer is born in 1837.
  • American physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Percy Williams Bridgman is born in 1882.
  • Russian-Swiss chemist and Nobel Prize laureate, Paul Karrer is born in 1889.
  • American actress and screenwriter, Nicole Sullivan is born in 1970.
  • American author and illustrator, Michael Turner is born in 1971.
  • Scottish actor James McAvoy is born in 1979.