St. George’s Day

St. George’s Day is a celebration of the birth of Saint George. It is usually celebrated on April 23 and on May 6 for Eastern Orthodox Churches. The reason for this is because Eastern Churches use the Julian calendar, and Western Churches use the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, St. George was born on April 23, 303 AD according to the Julian calendar, which is May 6 using the Gregorian calendar. The day on which it is actually celebrated may change, however, due to its proximity to Easter.

It is a feast day that is celebrated in many different countries, particularly Protestant and Catholic ones. In Great Britain, it’s a National Day, but it isn’t an official holiday in this country. Other countries that celebrate this holiday include Georgia, Greece, Serbia, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


Saint George is the patron saint of England, Germany, Portugal, Russia, The Boy Scouts and soldiers. However, he is probably best known for the fantastical tale of him slaying a dragon that was terrorizing a town in Libya and rescuing a princess. His true achievements are somewhat harder to decode, however. While he is known to have championed for Richard I during the crusades, and was believed to have been tortured and martyred after he tore up the edict which initiated the Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of 303, it is extremely difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

Where is St. George’s Day celebrated?

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