World Vegan Month

Every November is observed as World Vegan Month. This month isn’t designed to make meat-eaters feel bad about their diet or to push a vegan agenda onto the public. Instead, this month is meant simply to remind people that there are plant-based alternatives to their current diet.

Vegans are people who not only avoid meat but also avoid other products that were made by animals, including (but not limited to) dairy, eggs, fish, and honey. They not only avoid eating these foods but also avoid wearing clothing or using other products that are made by killing animals. This makes veganism not only a healthy choice for many people but also a moral one as well.

The History of World Vegan Month

In November of 1944, The Vegan Society branched off from the Vegetarian Society. People who felt that vegetarianism didn’t go far enough in addressing animal cruelty joined this new society. However, it would still be a few decades before the organization would advocate for a World Vegan Month.

Important Facts About Veganism Everyone Should Know

Okay, we’ve spent quite a bit of time in this article talking about World Vegan Month, so let’s take a few moments to talk about the subject of this day: veganism. We found the following facts about veganism, and we thought they were important enough to share with everyone observing this month.

  • Approximately 99% of farmed animals spend their lives confined to factory farms.
  • Over 150 million farmed animals are killed every day of the year around the world.
  • Livestock emissions account for over half of all greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To produce just one pound of beef requires over 2,500 gallons of water.
  • Approximately 90% of the Amazon rainforest has been deforested for animal agriculture.
  • It’s been estimated that by 2048, the oceans could be devoid of fish due to climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

Observing World Vegan Month

Obviously, many people are going to want to observe this month simply by learning more about veganism, and we think that’s a perfectly fine way to do it. Many people aren’t willing to take the plunge and aren’t really sure if a vegan lifestyle is right for them.

They could certainly use this month to consider their options, perhaps try making a few vegan dishes, and then decide for themselves. Other people are going to want to go ahead and switch to a vegan lifestyle during this month.

And that’s fine, too. All they have to do is figure out how they want to start and then begin their journey. Regardless of how a person celebrates this month, they should take the time to use the hashtag #VeganMonth to spread the word about it worldwide.

When is it?
This year (2024)
November 1 Friday
Next year (2025)
November 1 Saturday
Last year (2023)
November 1 Wednesday
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