National Cuban Sandwich Day

Although the Cuban sandwich is a dish with many different variations, it’s also one that’s easily identifiable and very delicious. This sandwich is generally made with two kinds of pork, melted Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. It’s a sandwich that’s toasted in butter and pressed to create the perfect sandwich.

What differentiates one Cuban sandwich from another is often the kinds of pork used. It’s traditional to use smoked ham and pork tenderloin, but some people leave the latter ingredient out or replace it with another cut of pork. Regardless of how it’s served, there are sure to be many of these sandwiches eaten when National Cuban Sandwich Day comes around on August 23rd.

The History Of National Cuban Sandwich Day

It’s believed that the Cuban sandwich began during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some people believe that it was adopted from sandwiches made by the Taino—who were the original inhabitants of what is now Cuba before European contact during the 15th century.

If that’s the case, then the sandwiches would have a history of over five centuries, but it’s not quite that simple. The Taino tribes lived off small animals, birds, lizards, shellfish, and fish. It wouldn’t be until Europeans arrived that pork was introduced to the island. The most significant contribution of the Taino tribes to the Cuban sandwich would be their unique method of roasting meat.

Even after the introduction of pork to Cuba, it would still take several hundred years of culinary experimentation before the first Cuban sandwiches were created during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

This is really when the Cuban sandwich was first created. It was then imported into the Cuban communities in the United States, and the rest is history. Nowadays, the Cuban sandwich is one that’s known and loved by people all over the world. However, this holiday wasn’t created during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In fact, it wouldn’t be invented until 2016 when journalist Christopher Spata of the Tampa Bay Times decided to create this holiday. Although his invention of this holiday was only meant to be a local celebration, it would end up spreading all around the world.

Observing Cuban Sandwich Day

Anyone wanting to head out and enjoy one of these sandwiches on this day will likely be able to find at least one restaurant or two that serves them. However, if a person doesn’t live near a restaurant that makes Cuban sandwiches, they can always create their own. All they need is some Cuban bread, Swiss cheese, roast pork, dill pickles, ham, and a few spices.

Oh, and don’t forget the mustard; it’s a very important part of the whole sandwich. Once the sandwich is made, people can then snap a photo of their masterpiece and post it online using the hashtag #CubanSandwichDay.

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 23 Friday
Next year (2025)
August 23 Saturday
Last year (2023)
August 23 Wednesday
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