Cuckoo Dancing Week

Cuckoo Dancing Week is a holiday that’s observed on January 11th and continues for one week. Although the meaning behind this holiday week might allude some people, this week actually pays homage to Laurel and Hardy. As die-hard fans of this comedy duo will attest, the Dance of the Cuckoos (sometimes called the Cuckoo Song) is their signature song.

It’s because Laurel believed that the song’s melody represented their on-screen persona of Hardy perfectly. He felt that Hardy was dramatic and pompous, which is what this song represents. This is a week for all Laurel & Hardy fans (as well as those people who don’t know they’re a fan, yet) to get together and enjoy this duo’s wacky comedy.

The Origin Of Dance Of The Cuckoos

Although Cuckoo Dancing Week doesn’t just celebrate the song Dance of the Cuckoos but actually celebrates the comedy duo of Laurel & Hardy, we thought that it would be appropriate to talk about the origin of the song. After all, it’s a song that’s heavily associated with this duo and no article on them would be complete without delving into the origins of this song.

Dance of the Cuckoos was written by Thomas Marvin Hatley. He wrote this song sometime during the 1930s and it would go on to become Laurel and Hardy’s theme song. Thomas Hatley is also known for writing many other musical clues, including some that appeared in Our Gang and the Charley Chase films.

Observing Cuckoo Dancing Week

Anyone wishing to observe this holiday can do so by spending the week with the two comedians who have arguably been called the best comedy duo in history. A good way to do that is by watching some of the many movies that they’ve appeared in. Looking for a movie suggestion? Take a look at some of the following Laurel and Hardy movies:

  • Big Business (1929)
  • Pardon Us (1931)
  • Pack Up Your Troubles (1932)
  • Sons of the Desert (1933)
  • The Flying Deuces (1939)
When is it?
This year (2023)
January 11 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
January 11 Thursday
Last year (2022)
January 11 Tuesday
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