National Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is a day dedicated to all things chocolate. It is both a national holiday for the United States that is celebrated on October 28th, and it is also a world holiday that is celebrated on September 4th. No matter which day you celebrate – if you can even resist just celebrating just one of them – there is usually only one way to observe the day, and that’s with treating yourself to one of the many chocolate delicacies out there. Whether it be a candy bar, a chocolate cake or something a little more elegant.


No one really knows when this day originated or who started it. A common assumption is that it is a day that was created by one or more chocolate confectioners. Which would make sense.

How Do You Make Chocolate, You Ask?

Chocolate is created from the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree. This tree, which has been cultivated by mankind for over three thousand years, grows in parts of Mexico, Central America and South America.

After the seeds have been harvested, they are then fermented, dried, roasted and shelled. After this has been done, a chocolate liquor is made by grinding down, and then liquefying the inside meat of the cacao nuts. The final step is to separate the chocolate liquor into its two parts: the dark chocolate solids and the light cocoa butter. Now it is ready for Chocolate Day!

Where is National Chocolate Day celebrated?

There is no specific location where this holiday is celebrated.
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