Evaluate Your Life Day

Evaluate Your Life Day is observed annually on the 19th of October and encourages people everywhere to take a good hard look at their lives to assess whether or not they are happy with the road they’re traveling.

Most people start their lives with a lot of hope and optimism, and it seems to them that they can’t help but succeed. Unfortunately, life often takes exception to those plans, and it can become all too easy for the average person to go off track and head in a direction they never intended to go.

Just because they haven’t reached their goals doesn’t mean that they’re a failure, however. Sometimes we all just need to assess where we are, realign our priorities, and make adjustments as necessary.

The History Of Evaluate Your Life Day

This holiday was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy. If you’ve read through any significant number of holidays, then you probably recognize those names as the founders of Wellcat.

On their website, they have created a ton of different and often quirky holidays that people can enjoy. Some of the holidays they’ve created include “Pick a Pathologist Pal Day,” “Who Shall I Be Day?,” and “Don’t Step on a Bee Day.” And, of course, they invented Evaluate Your Life Day.

Some Tips For Reevaluating Your Life

Below are just a few tips that we’ve learned over the years that should help the average person take stock of their current situation and figure out where they need to go next. With that said, take a quick look at the following tips and see if they can be applied to your life.

Revisit Original Goals

As we live our lives, our priorities and goals will often change. That’s okay and isn’t a sign of failure. It just means that some things need to be reevaluated. This is first done by throwing out goals that no longer fit your worldview, and then deciding on goals that do.

Adjust Your Timeline

Some of your goals are going to remain the same, but it has become obvious that you’re not going to reach them on their original schedule. That’s okay. Just readjust the schedule to fit your new circumstances and carry on.

Keep Track Of Progress

It’s also a good idea to keep track of progress. Scratching even small goals off your list can be quite satisfying.

Observing Evaluate Your Life Day

This is a day that a person should celebrate by taking some time for themselves and taking stock of where they are at in their life. And this can only be done by some serious soul searching.

We’ve included some tips that people can use to reassess their lives in the previous section, and we find them to be quite effective for a person to get a better understanding of themselves. During this holiday, people can also share their feelings about where they are with the denizens of the Internet by using the hashtag #EvaluateYourLifeDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 19 Saturday
Next year (2025)
October 19 Sunday
Last year (2023)
October 19 Thursday