Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get To Know Your Customers Day is a day that is observed every quarter during the year and is specifically designed to remind businesses to reach out to their customers. That means it’s observed every third Thursday in January, April, July, and October. Keeping in contact with customers in this way allows businesses to build trust, specifically tailor their marketing to their customer base, and improve their general customer service. It’s also helpful for businesses to realize that their customers should always remain their number one priority.

The History Of Get To Know Your Customer Day

Although no one knows exactly when this holiday was first started or who started it, it began when Internet stores started to displace brick-and-mortar stores. With brick-and-mortar stores, businesses had more direct contact with their customer base than the businesses that existed online, and as a result, they didn’t specifically need a day reminding them to reach out to their customers. With the advent of online commerce, however, keeping in contact with your customers is more important than ever, so this holiday was very much needed to help maintain that contact. However, that doesn’t mean that brick-and-mortar stores can’t benefit from the celebration of this day, and many do all over the U.S.

How To Observe Get To Know Your Customer Day

It’s easy for businesses to observe this day to maintain closer contact with their customers. It’s all up to the imagination of each business. Some businesses like to get more personal with their customers by sending thank-you notes or holding special events, and other businesses like to observe this day in other ways. Below are just some of the things that businesses can do to observe this holiday.

Have Giveaways & Raffles

Giveaways and raffles are great ways for businesses to engage their customer base. They’re also good tools for driving sales and foot traffic as well, so they can be a benefit to both the customer and the business.

Give Away Personalized Merchandise

Giving customers merchandise that’s been personalized with the company name and/or logo can be a great way not only to observe this holiday but also to keep your business in the customer’s mind. This merchandise can include anything from keyrings and magnets to personalized water bottles or T-shirts.

Host A Reception Or Special Event

A great way to observe this holiday is by holding a meet-and-greet for customers. This is an open event where customers are offered snacks and refreshments and can participate in events. The type of business will determine what events should be offered to the customer, but these usually include open houses, seminars, or round-tables.

A business reception doesn’t necessarily have to be held in person, however. Many online businesses hold special events online, and customers are offered special discounts on products, giveaways, and may even be able to participate in online round-tables.

Use Social Media To Connect With Customers

Another thing that businesses can do is to connect with their customers on social media. The business can have their customers fill out surveys, thank customers for leaving feedback on their profile, or communicate with customers in other ways.

When is it?
This year (2024)
Next year (2025)
Last year (2023)