World Health Day

World Health Day is a day observed annually on April 7th to draw the attention of the world to the health global human populations and the diseases that may impact these populations. It was created by the World Health Organization in 1948, shortly after the organization was formed. Every year, there is a different theme for this day. In 2010, it was “Urbanization & Health.” In 2013, it was “Healthy Blood Pressure” and in 2016, it was “Beat Diabetes.”

History of World Health Day

To address global health concerns, the World Health Organization (WHO) was established on April 7th, 1948. That year, the WHO held its first assembly for its 55 member states. It was at that assembly that it was determined that World Health Day would occur every year on April 7th. This date was chosen to commemorate the day the World Health Organization was established.

World Health Day Customs & Traditions

The WHO commemorates World Health Day by bringing attention to this day’s current theme. For instance, in 2016, the WHO released its global report on diabetes – which was the theme of that year. They also bring attention to the theme through print and television media and through social networks. Ordinary people can observe this day by informing yourself on health issues that may affect them or their families.

All over the world, various people and groups take time out of their busy schedules to observe World Health Day and to bring attention to various health conditions that affect human beings all over the world. They do this through activism, gallery exhibitions and lectures. People also donate time and money to the charities which are working hard to educate people on various diseases as well as cure them.

Where is World Health Day celebrated?

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