National Picnic Month

National Picnic Month is observed in July for good reason. That’s because this month is the perfect time for people to pack up some food and head out for a picnic with friends and family members. July isn’t too rainy, and it certainly isn’t as hot as August. In most places in the U.S., it’s just right for some outdoor dining.

So we encourage everyone during this month to pack their picnic basket with delicious foods, grab their red and white checkered tablecloth, and head out for a nice picnic. And one of the best places to enjoy said picnic is in one of the 423 national park sites that are located in the U.S.

The History of National Picnic Month

Before we talk about when this month was originally created, we would like to venture into the past a little bit further and talk about when picnics were invented. Yes, we know that Homo sapiens have been eating outdoors for hundreds of thousands of years, but the official conventions of the modern picnic didn’t occur until about the 19th century.

The modern picnic can be traced to France when the practice of eating outdoors was known as “piquenique.” French people would grab a loaf of crusty bread, cheese, wine, and fruit, and then spread out a blanket outdoors for some outdoor dining.

This practice was brought over to Great Britain and then eventually to the U.S., and the rest is history. The popularity of picnics began to pick up during the 20th century. Surprisingly, this had as much to do with the popularity of the modern automobile as anything else.

People could pack their picnics in their vehicles and head out to destinations all over the U.S. Eventually, picnics became so popular that National Picnic Month was invented by the American Bakers’ Association in 1952. It’s been celebrated every year ever since.

Observing National Picnic Month

We think that just about everyone knows how to celebrate National Picnic Month. All they have to do is head out to their favorite outdoor location with a picnic basket of their favorite foods. Fresh fruit such as apples, cherries, and pears; cheese; crusty bread; and sparkling cider or wine are great items to pack for this picnic.

Also, be sure to use the hashtag #NationalPicnicMonth on social media to spread the word about this month. Let’s all take the time to celebrate this month and enjoy the company of our loved ones while dining outdoors. It’s the perfect way to spend most July afternoons.

When is it?
This year (2024)
July 1 Monday
Next year (2025)
July 1 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
July 1 Saturday
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