World Cider Day

Observed annually on the 3rd of June every year, World Cider Day is a holiday that celebrates a popular alcoholic drink that’s been made and enjoyed by human beings since ancient times. This drink made from fermented apples is enjoyed around the world all year long but is especially popular during the summer months and the autumn months.

It’s also a drink that’s been associated with various cultural and historical events through the years. Of course, the symbolism behind this beverage can only be determined by the people who drank it and by the people who observe this holiday.

The History Of World Cider Day

Cider is a beverage that’s been enjoyed since the dawn of civilization. There’s evidence of it being made by both the ancient Greeks and Romans, and more than likely, it was being made by other cultures as well. Through the ages, it was a popular drink for the working classes and it continues to serve in that role even in modern society.

As far as the history of World Cider Day, we’re unsure of where that began or who started it. We suppose that this holiday was created by someone who dearly loved cider and wanted to celebrate it. All that we can speculate is that whoever created this holiday more than likely enjoyed cider during its inaugural celebration.

Observing World Cider Day

This is a day to enjoy one of the many ciders that are available on the modern market. Of course, people don’t have to buy a commercial product to enjoy this holiday. People can take the time to make their own cider, after all a person only needs a few basic ingredients to make cider.

Or, they can take the time to learn more about this beverage. No matter how a person celebrates this day, however, they can take the time to spread the news about it online using the hashtag #WorldCiderDay.

When is it?
This year (2023)
June 3 Saturday
Next year (2024)
June 3 Monday
Last year (2022)
June 3 Friday
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